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File 128995697636.jpg - (100.83KB , 1200x438 , civilian5.jpg )
114 No. 114
i said i was gonna make a civilian model
it is (mostly) done

he doesn't have his bobblehead face, I wanted him to fit alongside the other classes. hopefully it works okay like this.

Just want to work out the physics model a bit then I'll get a download up.
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>> No. 591
Can anyone else not find the nude models after downloading the shirtless models or did I do something stupid?

Also, the downloads on your blog don't work for me, Rebb.
>> No. 593
>I'm not modding girlscout nude unless Ayesdyef comes up to me and is all "yo put some naked tittays on dat ho"
What if, like, we all donated TF2 shish to you and gave Chem. sexual favors to tell you to make the model?
>> No. 594
File 129823808383.jpg - (68.73KB , 1280x800 , dick.jpg )
May I request dicks ragdoll?
>> No. 598
File 129826392163.jpg - (10.44KB , 339x313 , y.jpg )
Oh god I winced.
>> No. 602
*drool* I want topless Demo...
>> No. 605
File 129869743412.jpg - (18.39KB , 340x501 , ouchies.jpg )
This looks painful...
>> No. 624
awesome, now all i want is a half naked mod, as in everyone running around in their underpants :D

oh and is there a way to make the gunslinger engie be shirtless and have a moustache, while being the regular engie without it? would be so perfect

also i'll be making t shirts for the shirtless models
>> No. 626
Oh God yes. Been waiting for that for so long.
Saxton Hale style short shorts. Sniper needs them. Dem leeeeegs.

Ha, anyway, fab work, Rebbacus.

Oh yeah, and the link to the GMod shirtless models seems to have 404'd. Unless there's some other place to download it I'm not seeing. It's late and my eyes aren't working right anymore.
>> No. 627
It seems a lot of my downloads have 404'd over the last while. I'll try to get some reuploads later. Sorry for the wait.

Can you list the ones which have broke? I'm only hearing of the shirtless pack and the nude pack.
>> No. 629
I just noticed the Concept Scout GMOD link comes up 404'd.
>> No. 630
Strange how all of them work fine in my case
>> No. 631
I assume they were put back up. Anyway, thanks! No more nasty 404 encounters.
>> No. 642
there's something really odd with the naked and shirtless model downloads. both have a few checksum errors, and the scout model seems to be broken ingame for me
>> No. 652
now what are you up to Rebb?
>> No. 723
File 130498136622.jpg - (63.73KB , 1300x349 , bedshere.jpg )
You like beds? Yes you do, we all like beds. Need a bed for posing? Mapping? Here you go. Best bed around? Nah, but I haven't seen much in the way of beds sized to TF2 characters. Should comfortably fit a scout, or a sniper. Maybe a heavy. Lucky if two scouts fit, two heavies are out of the question. Will make a bigger bed later.


Sorry there's still no Miss Pauling yet. I'll have to see what I can do about her War comic design and her dress in Meet the Director. ahhhh
>> No. 725
Bed!! now we can pomf with tf2.
>> No. 726
Well I'm a tit, forgot a folder in that bed download. This one should work correctly.

>> No. 727
Can we have a BLU version of the bed as well please?
>> No. 728
Bed comes with both red and blue skin, forgot to mention. Also, first bodygroup moves the blanket, second bodygroup removes the pillow.
>> No. 751
File 130819855366.jpg - (91.20KB , 684x611 , ittybittypaulingcommittee.jpg )
pauling's pretty much done now. she'll have the two skins, purple and green, and her shirt-pants and dress as bodygroup options.

i'll have a download up within a few days, as long as i don't have any more problems with her model. yaaaah
>> No. 752
I can hardly wait! It's stunning work, Rebb. One of my favorites of yours, I must say.
>> No. 754
File 130878886674.jpg - (101.65KB , 690x1000 , paulingWIP_2.jpg )
Progress yaaaa

Darkened her shirt and dress, added a bit more volume to the hair, slight face changes and increased the size of her head a tiny bit, some proportion changes, and added a clipboard and pen as bodygroups (but the pen won't have much use unless you're using skeleton animation). Clipboard and pen will come as separate props, too.

A few people have access to her already, to help pick out small problems I may have missed.
Looks like it'll just be another day before I get her out. (hope hope hope no more changes need to be done ahhh)
>> No. 755
Can you post a side-view of Pauling? From the video I saw of her she seems kind of... flat, like she got compressed mattress-style.
>> No. 757
Do you have any plans to make the Casual medic outfit from meet the medic?
>> No. 758
File 130906890144.jpg - (133.42KB , 1440x900 , gm_darkgrass_v20013.jpg )
got the download up now :D

Oop, didn't cross my mind to do so. Her model has changed a bit since the video(I'm guessing you mean the dancing one).

Someone else already is! It was on the TF2 Emporium on Facepunch.
>> No. 759
I unexpectedly woke up about ten minutes ago (earlier than usual) and did not know why...

My Miss Pauling sense were tingling.

I love you so much for this model. Thank you!
>> No. 760
just a thought that maybe bunks would be a bit more practical
>> No. 771
File 130941648593.jpg - (48.69KB , 511x698 , director_wip6-3.jpg )
>> No. 772
Rebb, will you ever stop being kickass?
I don't think so.

Man, you are a beast, working on so much stuff in consecution.
>> No. 773
Agreed, stay awesome, Reb.
>> No. 774
You can hold the huge amount of respect the comics deserve on your own Reb, your models are That fabulous.

The Director looks really perfect!
>> No. 789
He should be a playable character on gmod!
>> No. 791
Rebbacus... I need help, the jigglebones on the nude models don't work, they are all stiff and twitch I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP Anyone have a fix?
>> No. 792
File 131001324355.jpg - (84.31KB , 681x893 , zf_dustbowl_b40007.jpg )

Good job tripping the word filter :D Jigglebones on my models are kind of broken since an engine update a while back disables jigglebones when your framerate is below 45 (and I don't have a workaround).
>> No. 793
He suspects nothing!
>> No. 797

♥ Lovin' your work Rebb.

Uuh... I have a list of who I want into model form... Heheh...

For starters... Engie's Grandpa. Pfffff.
>> No. 799
Oh god I love this.

Thank you for the great work on the model, Reb!
>> No. 822
File 131128832546.jpg - (151.09KB , 780x874 , cp_manor_event0010.jpg )
I made this soldier for Lintu, but everyone can play with him :D

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19352201/SH_soldier.zip for GMod download (not an addon, so you have to go into your /garrysmod folder)

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19352201/SH_soldier_TF2.zip for the TF2 skin
>> No. 823
When I saw this thread at the top of /projects/, I instantly thought OMG NEW MODEL...

I was wroooong. Oh well, I always loved Lintu's soldier! Thanks Rebb!
>> No. 849
I'm a bit late, but you can use

cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff 1

to (almost) disable the stupid-as-hell "performance optimization" on jigglebones
>> No. 916
The Goggleless Engie has been broken for a while now.
>> No. 950
File 132005489634.jpg - (103.25KB , 512x512 , steamworkshop_tf2_stare_thumb.jpg )

Something tells me your engy eyes model has been stolen. Get on this!
>> No. 1029
please finish that mask-less spy, its looks so good, whatever you do, do not change anything about his face model do your texture fixes and stuff but please for the love of tf2 and the fans do not change that face model, i'm friggin serious.
>> No. 1059
Gorgeous work. All of it Rebb.
However, i'm getting 404'd all over that concept scoot, both with player model and gmod links. Anyone want to share in the meantime??
>> No. 1126
Oh hai! Somehow I managed to find the tf2 nude skins but all I want are the shirtless ones. Does anyone have a working download link to them? I saw that there is a garrys mod version on the workshop...however after extracting the files I can't seem to get them to work in tf2. Could someone help me? Thanks^^
>> No. 1127
^^^^Edit, nvm I figured it out! If you delete all of the "srtls_" in the models (and NOT the materials) folder the mod should work. Go figure I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP
>> No. 1143
SO the blogpost is gone so do you like have another site with downloads?
>> No. 1312
Hello there, miss Rebbacus, I am quite fond of your work, your modells always look like they were made by the devs themselves. There is one specific pack I was requiring for some nefarious(funny thing: not perverted I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP) purposes, and it was your Shirtless tf2 pack. I had it once ong time ago, but my HDD crashed, and when I restored my pc, I had lost all the data. When I was trying to download the pack again, your blogspot was already empty as a black hole. So, I searched high and low for ya pack, and all I found, was the author(you). So, now I am humbly asking you: please, could you give me the pack of those ragdolls?
I'd be very gratefull.
>> No. 1313
You'd have a better chance getting them on Tumblr. They haven't posted here in a few years.
>> No. 1366
MaxofS2D's site has a good lot of Rebbacus's work in his "source" section.
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