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File 128961531229.png - (226.50KB , 354x722 , Cutest Pyro Ever.png )
62 No. 62
I am madly in love with this model, but I can't recall for the life of me who exactly made it, or if it was ever meant to become a finished, usable replacement. Was it Reb? And will it ever be rigged to use in-game?

I feel like such a doofus for asking, and if it was never meant to become a reality, I totally understand. It's not the end of the world, but lordy would I love to use this adorable little Pyro.
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>> No. 63
This pyro ain't mine, and I've forgotten who made it, but it's adorable and I'm curious as to what's happened with it.
>> No. 74
Wow that's a sexy fem pyro. I hope we can find the modeler and convince them to give us the model.
>> No. 75
The modeller is AyesDyef, he also did a female scout.
>> No. 78
I love this pyro model she is adorable like a little miss flaming riding hood :D so much better than the slutty ones
>> No. 80
I was on Facepunch the other day, and AyesDyef posted that pic saying he's still working on it, so... yeah.
>> No. 81

This news makes me super happy. Much as I like the female Pyro I already use, this one is just so charming.
>> No. 82
Agreed, I like this one because it's not "OMG HUGE BOOBIES/HUGE REAR" or "ANIMU GRRRL WITH NO FACIAL/EYE MOVEMENT TO SCARE YOU", this one looks like a "Little Red Riding Psycho" type. :U
>> No. 83
Also, 2 quotes from AyesDyef about this FemPyro:

"Also, I did eventually pull the hood down, and added a big zipper to the front of the cloak."

"I was more going for a Little Red Riding hood look, but whatever. :P"
>> No. 93
It's almost finished, It was just a little bit of rigging to be finished, and I have to redo the blue texture.

I'll finish it, but not before I finish what I'm working on now.
>> No. 94
File 128982031591.jpg - (7.87KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 96
Such a tease.

Do you have a blog or something for WIPs?
>> No. 97

I actually made a blog the other week that I'll be putting WIPs of stuff on :3

>> No. 101
File 128985119341.jpg - (85.95KB , 1024x768 , 125256082636.jpg )
>> No. 104
I would love you forever if you did this Ayes.
>> No. 110

Agreed. This model is adorable beyond what words can convey.
>> No. 156
Seconded. This model is utterly adorable, and would be greatly cherished in my GMod shenanigans.
>> No. 217

I'm in love with this model. Most appealing one by far.
>> No. 259
Wait, so does this mean there will be no hood?
>> No. 266

The hood is still there, it'll just be down.
>> No. 272
... could we get one where it's still up? that's half of the appeal of this pyro for me, tbh. the shy-guy look.
>> No. 274
File 129139696232.jpg - (152.06KB , 420x546 , iiiiiiiie.jpg )
>MFW AyesDyef is still working on my FemPyro

Wait, she won't be wearing the hood?As i said before, I think it's one of her most important feature and I'm kinda sad to see it go. Is it to allow her to wear hats?
>> No. 276
Aw, the hood just has to be up! So much charm will be lost if it is down...
>> No. 283
Please, keep the hood! It's just cute and wellfitting for the design!
>> No. 285
Nngh, I need to draw Hooded Pyro-tan.
>> No. 289

Ack, the original designer for hoodie Pyro!
Sorry I kinda disappeared off the face of the earth after I said I would make her XD

But yes, it's so she can wear hats >_>
Although, I will be doing some minor adjustments before releasing, but I have my own large project I'm working to finish before her <_<

And stuff argh, not enough time in the world!
>> No. 294
File 129159975629.jpg - (72.74KB , 304x312 , 1288914043915.jpg )
Take your time, Ayes, as long as it comes out nice and dandy, I won't mind. But might I suggest adding the option of having the hood up?

Also, mind giving a little hint as to what the big project is? ;3 (I'm assuming it has something to do with the Fancy Solly and Demo from a while back on Facepunch)

(Also, I just learned how dick-ish some Anons can be v('<')v)
>> No. 296

Nah, not Solly nor Demo.

Also... WoW Cataclysm comes out today so maybe we won't be seeing me for awhile >_>
>> No. 301
Ayes, I can see a way to keep the hood.
You know how Scout's hat and headphones are a separate bodygroup? Have Pyro's hood like it is in the OP image when she's not wearing a hat, and have it down when she is. Problem solved, right?
>> No. 302
Whoops, I accidentally cut out a big chunk of that. Have Pyro's hood as a bodygroup that changes between up and down depending on hat usage, if that's possible. Sage for double post.
>> No. 303
Damn you WoW.

Also, why can't the hood stay up? The hats could go ON TOP of the hood, not only the hood stays but it's also funnier/cuter that way.
>> No. 304
Whoops. That post wasn't there when I wrote that.
Ignore me and listen to this person.
>> No. 305
THIS. Please! I love that hood!
>> No. 325

This. I even use a different Scout submodel that puts his headphones around his neck when he is wearing a hat. There was an Engie one that hung his hardhat on his belt when he has a hat on, but it's unusable since the Gunslinger came out.
>> No. 507
There's a fix for it on tf2mods.net
>> No. 508

Is it possible to use a submodel on a class that doesn't have a removable hat by default?

In any case, I can see the point in not wanting to spend a million hours refitting and recompiling every hat. Even after you do, there's only going to be more for people to bug you about in the future updates. Not to mention, it increases the total filesize of your mod project to have so many extra edited models included.
>> No. 807
I can't help but see this pyro's axe having a bow on it stained with the blood of the opposing team
>> No. 865

Also, I agree that I would love it if the hood could be up as a default, but if the creator ain't cool with that, das cool with me.

But I do want this adorable little Pyro ! She's so cute!
>> No. 1106
>casually bumps again
>> No. 1120
This thing will never be finished... will it?
And the other femPyro model makes me sick, so uuugh...
>> No. 1122
please tell me this is still a thing.
>> No. 1123
As far as I know, it's not. Sorry.
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