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File 131405551317.jpg - (389.90KB , 1920x1080 , WHERE THE FUCK CAN I GET THIS.jpg )
871 No. 871
Does anyone know any information on this pyro mod?

>see picture.

I really, really want to know if this is out somewhere or if someone is working on it and it is yet to be released to the public.
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>> No. 875
This is probably it. I have this mod myself (girl power!)
>> No. 882

That's the old version, the one in the pic is the new version, it has not been released. But it is by the same guy, expect it some time in the future.
>> No. 885
quick question. How do you add the pyro mods to tf2? I read the note but it says to extract them to the tf file. So when I did I loaded pyro and it still was the same. No femme pyro at all
>> No. 886

You need to play on a server with looser rules.
>> No. 892

I recommend exxtracting the files to a temporary folder first, so you can then m ove them directly into the tf folder. Sometimes they extract a bit funny.
The vtf and vmt files (pryotex_blue.vtf etc) should be in a folder called pyro. Put the pyro folder in tf>materials>models>players.

The other files will be pyro.dx80.vtx pyro.dx90.vtx pyro.mdl pyro.sw.vtx pyro.vvd and pyro.phy. These go in your tf>models>player folder.

If you have the sounds that go with it, they go in tf>sound>vo and the taunts go to tf>sound>vo>taunts
>> No. 894

A pure server does not allow mods to the models.
>> No. 939
>> No. 942
File 131887930083.jpg - (182.22KB , 972x768 , fempyro3.jpg )
That was supposed to be limited release only, I only gave it to a few select people to be a bro.

So whoever you are, don't spread it any further till it's out for real, k? K.

I'm the creator of this. I'm busy finishing my last 4 weeks of my degree, then I'll get around to finishing/releasing it. It'll have both the current-style single tone body, and also a leather corset panel option.

I want to do a proper vid for it this time, not just fraps me spectating a retard who can't play pyro, so be patient.

You can add me on steam if you want to bug me about specifics.


Any questions?
>> No. 943
Hurr didn't look at the name.

Still. Don't repost it. You can do whatever you want to it when I'm done, but i don't want my half-baked terribad stuff out there till I say so heh.
>> No. 947

You're doing God's work son, I do like the model. I like to play games with female Heavy, Medic, Spy, Pyro and Scout.

I really hope once ChemicalAli finishes off with her Engineer that she still has the energy to do another class or two. I'd love to see the whole batch integrated into the game as an actual option for standard play.
>> No. 949
Took the download down.
>> No. 961
aw hell I was just about to re install it.
>> No. 1035
File 133100005111.jpg - (114.72KB , 356x372 , pyroslug50pct.jpg )
Does a version of the femme pyro with less excessive proportions exist?
>> No. 1036
there is and it comes stock stander with tf2
>> No. 1091
Damn, the MvM update broke this.
>> No. 1092
File 134525636887.jpg - (42.98KB , 413x427 , stupid.jpg )
Or not, it just needed to be re-installed.
>> No. 1100
That tends to happen with bigger updates.
Reinstalling the dempyro files fixes it quickly.
>> No. 1104
Using the pyro soul with this skin makes pyros always red. It predictably clips with the skin, but it blue pyros showing red is a bit of a problem. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
>> No. 1105
Holla holla get dolla.

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