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File 13224280549.jpg - (9.08KB , 256x256 , I built that Engie.jpg )
986 No. 986
We used to have this topic. We need it again.

Discuss things that you'd like to see made for the game! Since we have the Steam Workshop now, we can even participate in the process. If you have seen something really cool and want it ingame, you can post the Steam Workshop link.

So yeah, share ideas and projects, woo!
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>> No. 987
File 132242848513.png - (203.19KB , 502x312 , ZeBoot.png )
I personally think we should have the beer boot as a melee.
>> No. 988
File 132242852836.png - (236.65KB , 469x298 , ZeGlasses.png )
And the glasses as a misc. Make it happen, please! I could die for these.
>> No. 989
A silver spoon misc that replaces the Spy's cigarette.
That would be neat.
>> No. 993
The single thing I would take over all other additions to the game: A hold-to-prolong style taunt for Engineer that just has him sit on his toolbox and play his guitar for however long you hold the button down. I would just die if this got added in some form.
>> No. 995
Hell, why only Engineer? Give Medic the same treatement for his bonesaw violin and we can have duets!
>> No. 1004
The BOSS belt KGBigelow's Heavy Weapons is wearing.

Because that'd be awesome.
>> No. 1005
I know it's not based in the Steam Workshop, but I've wanted to see an amusement park-themed map since I started playing TF2. Sort of like Whispering Oaks in Left 4 Dead 2.
>> No. 1006
Give the Pyro a lighter melee.

The taunt is to wave it in the air like s/he's at a concert.
>> No. 1007
This taunt, make it happen.

I think I saw a weapon called the Spitfire in the shop...
>> No. 1010
i would love some more stylized vehicles. not as actual useable vehicles, just props. would be great for gmod.

especially a team-coloured helicopter
>> No. 1011
File 132394530026.gif - (255.91KB , 256x256 , Humping Soldier.gif )

>> No. 1013
File 132417474170.png - (535.34KB , 2000x333 , AngriestGuardDogintheWorldExploitable.png )
Guard Dog ragdoll.

Or Angriest Guard Dog in the World prop.

>> No. 1017
Pocket Croc for Sniper.
>> No. 1031
An "Isle of Mann" map.
>> No. 1033
Cave Johnson model; maybe we can get it rigged for vs saxton hale. If we can get the Administrator modeled, with the popularity of Portal 2, you would think that a cave model would already be done
>> No. 1037
File 133176618311.png - (208.24KB , 412x313 , buzz.png )
I want an Engie helmet with Bee Antenna. A Misc could be a stripped glove.
Want so hard.
>> No. 1038
File 133176935148.jpg - (248.69KB , 1138x732 , 92339a.jpg )

The bee helmet has already been done, actually, though an update borked the model so it's currently unusable. But it was done by Rebbacus, and maybe when she's not busy with other models we can ask her to fix it.
>> No. 1039
Is it a skin, or an actual hat?

God I've been gone from the Chan to long.
>> No. 1040

It's just a skin. Hasn't been submitted to the workshop yet.
>> No. 1047
Sorry to post another, but I've noticed there isn't a Peep in the Workshop. You know, the one the Scout carried around in his hat? It was in one of the fanfics, it should happen.

It can be on his shoulder or something.
>> No. 1079
Lady Gaga hair for Heavy.
>> No. 1080
I'd like to be able to see my body when i look down. If anyone is good at modding, could you put that on gamebanana?
>> No. 1083
This is, as far as I'm aware of, impossible. The bones aren't even in first person view. I think you might be able to add them but you'd have to do all new animations for every class...
>> No. 1085
I'd personally LOVE to see a Loch Ness Monster render for TF2! To use in Gmod and SFM and the like.
>> No. 1087
The dog class
>> No. 1088
Sniper needs a crossbow.

I'd also like to see Medic with some sort of nerve drug. One-shot deal, like with his crossbow, only it slows people down for a few seconds, like that one Minigun does whose name escapes me at the moment.
>> No. 1098
File 134738544627.jpg - (107.38KB , 480x360 , conspiracytheory.jpg )
There's a wig in the Workshop that makes Scout look like Fry from Futurama, but a lot of the comments were calling it "Tintin hair". So I figured if that gets in and I can get myself a Fast Learner, Scout should also have a wire-haired fox terrier pet so he can actually BE Tintin.

I also wanted a pet for Heavy, and I settled on the idea of a sparrow, like in the Poker Night at The Inventory story.
>> No. 1124
A suit for Demo called the 'Memoman'.

Also, shoulder pet versions of President Butternubs and Lt. Bites.
>> No. 1125

If somebody is going to submit a Butternubs to the Workshop I wanna work with them on it.

That is if Cantsman isn't going to get around to it himself and I think he'd let me help with that anyway.
>> No. 1128
wouldn't mind seeing something in the guide section of TF2 Workshop for creating weapons from concept to uploading.

Friend of mine, sims_doc said he would try but he hasn't made much progress since he begun uni and hasn't got any recent uploads which gives me the shits because they broke sdk with pipeline update.
>> No. 1129
i doubt you know sims.

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