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heavy/medic/scout for my friend's birthday


“Breathe, little one,” Medic crooned, running long fingers along Scout’s sides. The runner took quick, shallow breaths as his hands curled into fists on the sheets, trying his damnedest to relax as Heavy’s huge cock slid into him. “Breathe,” Medic repeated, kissing the tiny tears that formed at the corners of Scout’s eyes.

“I’m tryin’,” Scout said through gritted teeth. Heavy did his best to soothe him, rubbing one huge hand in circles over the youngest man’s stomach as he moved in and out of him. It seemed to help, and Scout let out a few soft moans to counter the pained grunts that had accompanied most of this exercise.

It was a learning exercise—Scout knew the older men to be in an intimate relationship, and, curious about his own sexuality, had gone to them for advice. What started as embarrassed conversation and gentle ribbing had turned into sensual exploration, until eventually the three of them wound up in the bed Heavy and Medic shared, naked and touching and explaining and learning. By God but Scout was learning.

“Maybe you shouldn’t’a started me out with freakin’ cockzilla, here,” the American joked, his eyes open just a crack as Heavy pushed further in. The Russian grinned, though, as he felt the smaller man open up. The way was easier now, and Scout’s breathing had become deeper. Medic could see the change in his demeanor as well, and decided to pay him a different kind of attention.

“Perhaps,” the German agreed, “and I can see the pain has left you wanting,” he reached down and fondled Scout’s limp penis, “but I can help with that.” He kissed his way down Scout’s hairless chest, smiling at the difference from Heavy’s. When he made it down to the runner’s pubic hair, he paused to look up at him. “It is meant to feel wonderful, and it will,” he promised, then bent back down to take the head of Scout’s cock into his mouth.

Scout bit his lip with his buck teeth, eyes going shut again and head tilting back against Heavy’s shoulder as he concentrated on the feeling of the doctor’s tongue, his hot mouth and practiced hands. He got hard rather quickly thanks to his youthful eagerness, and a loud moan escaped him as Medic took more of his cock into his mouth. When the head touched the back of the German’s throat, Scout screamed.

Heavy was quick to cover that scream with his lips, kissing the youngest man deeply as he began to thrust faster. Scout had to pull away from the kiss to catch his breath as the doubled sensation, the mixture of pain from being stretched and pleasure from Medic sucking him and Heavy hitting his prostate overwhelming him. His body couldn’t decide if it wanted to come or pass out, and as a result his muscles spasmed and jerked, and all he could manage was a strangled “too much, too much.”

Heavy pulled out, relieving much of the stimulation, and Scout was free to focus on Medic’s attention, lifting his hands from the sheets to pull on the German’s perfectly groomed hair. Medic took it as encouragement and sucked harder, wrapping his tongue around the shaft and taking him further into his throat. Scout bent forward, wrapping around the oldest man’s head, barely able to warn him before he came in his mouth.

Medic drew back with a satisfied smirk on his face, licking his lips before leaning up to kiss the dazed American. Scout returned it lazily, and was perfectly willing to be laid out on his back while he recovered from his orgasm.

Dimly, Scout could see and hear as Heavy turned his attention to his doctor, stretching him and fucking him until they came together. Scout scoffed quietly at how loud Medic moaned, obviously much more capable of taking Heavy’s giant cock without pain. He probably should have insisted Medic be the one to fuck him instead, but maybe, he thought, he could convince him to next time. If he could convince them that there would be a next time, that was.

The older men set about cleaning up after themselves, and Scout didn’t object when Heavy spread his legs and wiped a warm washcloth over his entrance. When things were tidy, Medic settled in on Scout’s left, and Heavy on his right. Breaths slow and eyes already closed, Scout smiled lazily as his lovers kissed his cheeks. “Thank you,” he mumbled, sighing contentedly.

“Do not mention it,” Heavy chuckled, draping an arm over the other men.

“Ja, it was a pleasure,” Medic agreed, lacing his fingers with the Russian’s. “Now get some sleep, little one.”

“Ain’t little,” Scout grumbled to laughter from the others, but he settled in all the same. “G’night.”