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AN: Hope this is what you were hoping for, anon! Here's the smut to your Medic x Reader. Sorry as always for the wait. Also, I didn't reply to you for the first part, so be sure to read that one first!

Medic x Reader [Reversed] PART 2

TW: blood

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A voice in the back of your mind quipped that you still needed to 'take vitals'. While this was Medic's room, contrary to popular belief, he did have the regular tools and components of a normal doctor... just with his own spin on them. Again you took one quick lap around the room to find what you had in mind. A smile spread across your face once you found what you were looking for, and you made your way over to Medic with tools in hand.

It wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just a blood pressure cuff (or a "sphygmomanometer", as he always corrected you) and stethoscope. But what you were going to do with them was another matter.


"Yes, 'Medic'?"

"I-I'm going to take some more vitals, now. Hold still..." Mentally you berated yourself for sounding shaky, and intended to put the cuff around Medic's arm-- while realizing you already tied his arms earlier. You backtracked, eyes scanning his body for an area to use it on.

"Might I make a suggestion, 'doktor'?" Medic asked. You hummed affirmitavely, still trying to work out how exactly you could use your tools. "First, what do you have there?"

"U-uh, blood cuff and stethoscope." You replied.

"The thigh can also be a place to take blood pressure." He said. Whether or not that was medically correct (it likely wasn't)**, you hardly cared. You secured the cuff around his thigh and pumped, stethoscope in your ears as you lightly dragged the cold end piece of the stethoscope around his lower body. First, you traced around his upper thigh, above the cuff, just darting under the hem of his underwear. You felt along the inside of his thighs, where you knew he was sensitive. Medic fidgeted slightly, and then it was your turn to smirk.

"How can I take blood pressure if you don't hold still?" You teased, tracing the end piece over his hipbone and darting under the elastic band of his underwear. Medic chuckled darkly, saying:

"You learn fast, 'shatz' (treasure)." He muttered, attempting to keep still out of pride. But once you wandered a bit too far down, Medic's hips raised a bit towards you, his breath hitching. His lips were pressed hard together as he tried to maintain an aloof façade. As your hand continued to wander with the end piece, you leaned over Medic and pressed your lips to his. Medic's head rose high enough of the table just so your fingers could run themselves through his hair-- and to your amusement, you saw his arms straining against the leather straps in your peripherals. After you pull away, you answer him.

"Thank you, but you need to loosen up a bit if we're to finish the 'examination.'"

Medic smiled, and waited in eager silence to see what you had in store next. You felt yourself gaining momentum, and after a moment's pause, you snatched another tool suspended on the wall by one of Medic's medicine cabinets.

It was a rod, a silver rod with a matching small metal spear on top. Almost like a scepter. Except it could be plugged into some of the appliances in the room. However, you wanted to build up to all that first.

The rod was fairly long, coming up to mid-waist when set on the floor. So, a few feet away from the table, you extended you arm and the rod and set the metal sphere right above Medic's navel. Medic shifted slightly, growing used to the cold of the metal. Slowly you traced the sphere around Medic's torso, lightly outlining his muscles. You maneuvered the scepter to softly run down his neck, then dipped towards the defined v of his hips again.

"Agh... stop teasing, 'liebling' (darling)." Medic groaned softly. "Show me what you've learned."

Smiling widely, you turned back to where you originally found the rod and found there was a second one on the wall. But this one had a coiled wire that snaked into a faintly humming generator on the wall. You didn't have to ask Medic to know what the dual rods did. Flipping a switch on the generator, you stalked over to Medic's form, rubbing the two sphere's together. Upon them apart, they came to life, softly crackling with electricity. A tiny spark leapt from one of the spheres, and startled, you recoil. But Medic smiled wickedly, his arms fighting against his restraints once more.

"Give it to me." He hissed, voice thick with arousal.

You obliged, running one down the side of his stomach. You heard a faint zap, and Medic laughed as he groaned through his teeth. Still keeping the other rod where it was, you touched the second rod to his other side. A louder zap resonated throughout the dark room, and Medic's back seized up and arched off the table. He swore in his native tongue German phrases you couldn't make sense of but still viciously enjoyed hearing. You knew him well enough that the words that tumbled from his mouth were a sign of pleasure.

Pausing, you withdrew the rods and rubbed them together again, pausing to see where you could place them next. You settled on the inside of his sensitive thighs, planting the rods right near the hem of his underwear.

"Ah-!" Medic cried out, raising his hips toward your touch. He uttered more passionate German phrases you could not comprehend. "Heheh, y-your indulging me..." He managed to say as electricity coursed through his body.

"Nonetheless... you can g-go even farther..." He whispered excitedly. You withdrew the the rods, looking at him confusedly. You were just getting confident in your actions to please him... but now what could he possibly have in mind? The toothy grin on his face as he writhed on the table sent a twang of uneasiness through you.

"...What...?" You asked after a moment's pause, almost dreading the answer. Your thoughts were racing-- when you were on the table, you thought that you and Medic did some considerably hardcore things. Through 'experimenting' with him, you became exposed to a lot. But seeing now what he looked like, listening to what he sounded like, it dawned on you. The two of you have scarcely scratched the surface as to what Medic was into. Which meant that what he wanted you do to next could be anything.

You realized that, ironically enough, even when he is submissive, Medic still holds the most power over the situation.

"Get my scalpel from the tray." He said eagerly. You balked at his request.

"W-what?" You stuttered.

"Just do it!" He barked.

You fumbled with the little silver knife, gulping as you stood over Medic, razor in hand.

"What d-do you want me to do...?" You asked.

"First-- remove my undergarments. A good doctor can't operate with clothes in the way."

"Operate?!" You cried out, eyes widening. He growled, and ducking your head you obeyed. Obediently you slid off Medic's underwear, his erection springing free of the fabric. Without thinking, you wrapped your hand around his cock and gently pumped it, your fingers sliding against smooth skin. Medic exhaled, hips slightly bucking as he momentarily forgot what he was guiding you to do. He hummed pleasurably as you craned your neck to kiss his collarbone.

You were slightly stalling, but you would be lying if you said you weren't enjoying yourself. Ironically enough, you were becoming impatient. You just wanted to skip all of the scarily unfamiliar bodily experiments Medic was so fond of and just have sex. But his voice wrenched you from your thoughts:

"Nngh... wait..." You withdrew your hand and looked at him expectantly. He exhaled. "_______, I know you are scared. But you must trust me." You bit your lip nervously. You didn't like where this was going-- you didn't want to hurt him too badly-- but this was also Medic. He was smart, smart enough to not go too far with whatever he had in mind. Despite your rationale saying otherwise, you listened to your gut. You trusted him.

"...Okay." You whispered, barely audible.

"Make an incision. From the pelvis, around the navel, then stop midway between the navel and bottom ribcage." He instructed, his voice quivering with excitement.

"Do... do you want me to numb you or something...?" You asked, taking a deep breath.

"Oh, dear ______. What is the point of doing it if you can't feel anything?" He said teasingly.

Another shaky breath. Your fingers trembled again, and taking a moment to steady yourself, you took the scalpel and touched it to his skin.

"Here?" You asked. Medic nodded.

Reluctantly, you dug the scalpel into Medic's skin. The blade went in surprisingly easy, its sharp edge glinting. Up you cut, maneuvering around Medic's navel and cutting up a bit farther until you stopped where he directed. You noticed his breathing became labored, and alarmed, your eyes shot up to Medic's face. Yet, although his eyes were covered, his expression was one of vicious pleasure. Blood began to flow from the cut as Medic gave his next instruction.

"N-now pull back the skin and cut through the muscle layer..." He panted, moaning through pressed lips.

You obliged, brow furrowing as you gently parted the skin and sliced through the muscle tissue. Your fingers slowly became stained with red; the hot sticky fluid seeping out of the incisions you made began to coat Medic's stomach. He spoke up again.

"Mein gott, ________, remove the blindfold. Let me see what you're doing...!" He practically begged, his voice heavy with lust.

His icy eyes savored the sight in front of him once they were freed from his tie. They hungrily devoured the sight of his blood, his skin being held back by your hands, the precum leaking from his shaft... He gave you a look that already spoke what he asked-- no, commanded-- next.

"Get on top."

You clambered onto the once-sleek exam table, which was now slick with blood. You discarded Medic's lab coat on the floor with the rest of his clothes. Heart pounding, your hands climbed up Medic's body seeking some purchase on the slippery surface. His skin was streaked with your smeared handprints, which drew long crimson lines down his torso.

"Release my hands."

Your bare form shifted farther up his body to undo the leather straps. As soon as the straps fell limp, Medic's hands were immediately on you, feeling everywhere. He eased your anxiety, attacking all the sensitive areas on your body with practiced ease and assurance. Although you had been passively aroused the entire time, you felt hot waves of pleasure reverberate through you, feeling so good to the point where it was almost painful. Medic's hands made quick work of your body, bringing you to the point where neither of you could bear the tension anymore.

Medic guided you over his solid shaft, and you teased him briefly by gently rubbing the tip over your opening before slowly setting yourself down. He filled you, completely and utterly as you felt your body stretch to accommodate him. You felt hot all over despite the low temperature of the room, the striking difference in temperatures amplifying the sensations that coursed through your veins. Your eyes, trained on your hands that gripped Medic's hips, trailed upwards towards his face. You were taken aback when you saw his steely eyes locked on you. The look in Medic's eyes beckoned you to come closer, and subconsciously you leaned towards him as you grinded against him.

You laid your upper body against his, tilting your head so your lips your connect with his. He sighed in satisfaction, groaning as your stomach pressed against his open incision. Your lips mashed heatedly against his, fingers knotting themselves in Medic's hair as you gyrated your hips. The friction was rough, deliciously so. Judging from how Medic was tensing, he was reaching his end, as were you.

You managed to pry yourself away from Medic's addictive touch, to draw yourself up to get better leverage as you rode him. Lifting yourself up to the point where Medic was nearly out of you, you guided his hands to your hips. You smile at him, and thrusted yourself downwards, eliciting long, drawn out moans from the both of you. Medic helped direct your hips as he slid in and out, his head lolling back onto the table as his eyes shut in ecstasy.

Your movements became more frenzied as you and Medic began to reach climax. Your cries of pleasure intermingle with his, the room around the two of you blurring into nothingness as the pleasure became unbearable.

"M-Medic!" You cried out as you orgasmed, your body wracked in tremors as you rode out your climax. Medic swore loudly as he came, arching his hips as far as he could manage. You whimpered in satisfaction when you felt ribbons of fluid shoot inside of you, some pearly fluid trailing down your leg as you got off of Medic.

Blood seeped to the floor now, and as you came back down from your high you worriedly asked him--

"Medic, you're bleeding badly...!" You said, alarmed. Medic, however, was seemingly indifferent to his physical state.

"Look behind you." He said, amused. Behind you was the Medigun. Hurriedly you aimed and fired, and in a matter of seconds Medic's torso looked as if it never saw the wrath of a scalpel in the first place. Sighing, he sat up, gathering his clothes from their haphazard pile in the corner of the room. Clothed in only his pants, he draped his lab coat once more around your shoulders.

"Same time tomorrow, 'liebling'?" He asked.

"Of course, 'doktor'" You replied, grinning.


** technically the calf is where one can take blood pressure on someone's leg. Of course Medic knows that, but one doesn't need to be completely medically accurate when you're getting some.

Also 'doktor' is not misspelled. I'm fairly certain that's the term used in Austria, but as always please correct me if I'm wrong!

And under normal circumstances, I'd write my smut with some form of birth control, but I wasn't sure what to do for gender-ambiguous reader so I just kind of let it be.

I hope you enjoyed!