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Hey anon! This is in two parts (wanted to leave you with something, the rest will be done tomorrow!), so here's the first one! Hope you don't mind if I changed things up a bit. There isn't really smut here, but that's the part I'm currently working on. ;D Appetizer before main course, right?

Anyways, here you go:

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Medic x Reader: [Reversed] PART 1

The air was chilled and sterile, the pungent taste of cleaning alcohol drifting throughout the room. Initially, the strong scent used to make you gag. But after a few minutes, you grew used to the strong odor.

Your bare, exposed skin breaks out in goosebumps, and you shiver. You feel exhilarated, adrenalized. Briefly, you adjust the medical lab coat draped over your shoulders, inhaling as the stiff material rubbed against your hypersensitive body. Save for the lab coat, you were wearing nothing else.

Normally, the positions were switched from what they were right now. If it were any other normal day (whatever "normal" might be, when it came to someone like him), you would have been on your back, writhing in anticipation on the bare metal examination table. Hands would probably be bound, most likely by the leather straps attached to the top of the table. Eyes would also be covered, either from a makeshift blindfold made from his tie or whatever else he happened to have lying around. Sensory deprivation of one of the senses can heighten the experience, he says.

But today was most certainly not a normal day.

No, today it was him on the steel, shining table, hands intertwined lackadaisically on his chest, mouth pulled into a slight smirk, eyes covered by his own tie. You had yet to go any farther with him as of now-- you stripped without problem, but instead of getting onto the exam table you asked something special of him. When you voiced your shy little request, he hopped onto the table without complaint. He was willing to take the roll of the obedient patient for today. But, excited as you were, now you're somewhat intimidated by suddenly being in this position of authority over him.

So many worries plagued your mind. Would you be able to give him a good time? Do you know the human body well enough like he does to make him feel the way he can make you feel? Will you be able to set his nerves and senses on fire like he had done with you, so many times before?

Would you be good enough?

... Only one way to find out.

Start slow, you tell yourself. Surveying the medic nonchalantly spread out in front of you, you made a mental list. First things first-- he was still far too clothed for your liking. In fact, the only thing you've managed to rid him of so far was his coat. Decisively, you slowly approach his side, bare feet nearly silent on the concrete floor. You reach out to rid him of his shirt, only to watch your hand slightly tremble.

'Damn it, calm down!' You cursed to yourself, retracting your hand and willing yourself to feel some form of control over the situation. God this was all so intimidating. Why? Why does he make it seem so easy? You hear him chuckle under his breath.

"Is there a problem, 'Medic'?" He asked innocently. You cast your eyes downward, face heating up at his teasing. Still, you answered in a steady voice.

"No, 'patient'. Just surveying my materials, taking vitals." Biting the inside of your cheek, you hurriedly think of something, anything you can do to him so he knows you're in charge. If you dawdle any longer, he might as well fall asleep.

You snatch a small silver pair of scissors off the small tray on the other side of the table, briefly leaning across Medic. Scissors in hand, you made quick work of his shirt, cutting a straight (albeit somewhat haphazard) line right down the fabric and down the center of his chest. He quirked an eyebrow under his blindfold, his smirk widening. He had lifted his hands up and out of the way for your scissors, and calmly put them back down on his bare chest after you discarded the remnants of the shirt.

Your brow furrowed as you once again took a step back to get a good look at all of Medic. His smile remained. Eyes narrowing, you straightened your back and briskly walked over to the head of the table. Firmly you grabbed hold of his hands and stretched them over his head, folding them at the elbow and crossing his forearms over one another just so they almost rested on the top of his head. You briefly searched for the leather straps he was so fond of using and secured both his arms with one strap, pulling the supple strip of leather tight so his arms were snug.

You exhaled. Okay, not bad so far. Not bad at all. Still, far too much clothing though. You figured you can start with his boots, then work your way up... but once more, you found yourself hesitating as your fingers idly played with the neatly tied laces on one of the polished boots. Medic sensed your reluctance.

"Do not fret, mein wohin (my dove)," He said soothingly. "You do not need to be afraid."

You nodded, despite knowing that he couldn't see you. Wanting to get around to the experiments, you began to work faster, still trying to calm your shaking fingers.

Medic's boots soon found themselves on the floor, along with his pants that you carelessly folded and tossed a few feet away on the ground. Now Medic was left in only his undergarments, much to your growing nervousness and excitement. Granted, you weren't nervous at seeing Medic naked... That in itself was nothing new, it was moreover what you were going to DO once he was.

Glancing around, you take a good look around the room to thoroughly see what materials you had to work with. Then you glanced back at Medic. He didn't appear to be very aroused, but sheer anticipation of what was to come still left a slight tent in his underwear. Pouting slightly, you resolved to change that.