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AN: Woo, here's the second part to your request, Poker Night! Although I'd like to call the second part 'Bed and Battlefield', but that's just me.

Heavy x Reader [Poker Night] PART 2: Bed and Battlefield

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Heavy's large, warm hand clasped over your smaller one as the two of you scurried to your room. You both hurried down the dark corridors as quietly as you could manage, neither of you uttering a word as you kept a sharp ear out for any other potentially awake team members. You felt your breath bursting in your chest, both from excitement and from holding you breath in the near silence of the fortress.

You hadn't glanced back at Heavy since you had practically dragged him out of the break room. You felt somewhat self conscious about looking now, for you felt his eyes on you, tracing from your scalp to the nape of your neck. Smiling to yourself, you entertained the idea of him undressing you with his eyes. His fantasy would become reality soon enough, you mentally promised.

As you and Heavy approached your bedroom door, you felt your acute excitement magnify. You tried to contain your giddiness as you opened your door and guided Heavy into darkness. As the door shut behind him, Heavy grabbed your arm and pulled you in again, making as if to kiss you. But he was foiled by your hand shooting up in front of his lips.

"Ah ah ah. You said I could do anything with you. Not that you could do anything with me." You gulped down a chuckle at Heavy's noise of slight frustration as he remembered the terms of his bet. Unwillingly, he unhanded you and waited patiently for whatever you wanted to do next. After pursing your lips for a moment, you sat down on your bed and commanded:

"Strip for me. Vest first." Heavy obediently removed his vest, and you heard the heavy material fall to the floor with a dull thud. Frowning briefly, you took note of the sparse lighting, and the obtrusive darkness in the room that still obscured Heavy. "Turn on that lamp on that desk to your right, I can't see you." He obliged, and the room was illuminated in dim light. The bulb was old, leaving the room still fairly dark, but bright enough to cast a soft glow on the two of you. You propped yourself up with your arms as you leaned back on your bed, inwardly eager to really get started.

"Now, your shirt." You said authoritatively, pointing at his chest. He pulled the red t-shirt over his head and discarded it on the ground with his vest, leaving himself bare chested in front of you. He had a bit of a stomach, but he wasn't soft by any means. You were temporarily awestruck as you admired his strong build-- he stood tall and broad, solidly grounded-- almost like that of a bear. His skin was scarred from years of defense. Long healed-over bullet wounds littered his arms and torso, each scar another story etched into his skin.

His eyes glittered with uncertainty, not quite used to presenting himself in this way. You noticed, and asked him gently--

"This your first time?" He allowed himself a small huff of laughter.

"First time in long time." He corrected quietly, absently flexing his arms at his sides, his hands opening and closing, unsure of what to do or what to touch. You got up from your bed and went over to him, hugging him.

"I don't mind." You assured, kissing one of the bullet streaks. You felt his chest rise as he inhaled, his eyes closing. But his expression was somewhat disappointed when you withdrew and sat back down on your bed. An emotion flickered in your eyes as you looked at him, silently promising that you'd be back for more, and very shortly.

"Now... Your pants." You commanded, nodding at him. He fumbled with his belt buckle, his movements becoming more hurried as he feverishly tore off his belt and his pants pooled around his ankles. On the way down, he kicked off his boots in addition to his pants, leaving him clad in only his undergarments as he stood in front of you. You took a silent breath, mentally gathering yourself.

"Get rid of the boxers." You said huskily, absentmindedly ridding yourself of your jacket and loosening the laces on one of your boots as you hungrily watched Heavy pull the last of his clothes down. There he stood in front of you, muscular and oddly beautiful, completely bare and semi hard.

Heavy, meanwhile, looked as if his resolve was weakening, and fast. His hands nearly trembled by his sides, still opening and closing, fingers flexing as he tried to hold onto his rapidly weakening self control. He almost couldn't help himself-- stripping bare in front of the one person he has been attracted to for months (and the first in years, mind you) with the promise of much fun to come; he could barely contain himself.

He would've sworn you were testing him, teasing him, when you held out your hand to him in a gesture that meant to wait as you began to undo the buttons of your own pants, slipping off your boots and tantalizingly slipping your shirt over your head. You felt a surge of satisfaction as you watched an eager Heavy harden even further, his face growing redder by the minute and his breathing becoming labored in anticipation.

Soon enough, you were completely naked too, and Heavy appeared to be hard as a rock. You scooted over on your bed and invited Heavy to lay down with you, idly glancing at your nightstand and wracking your memory to see if there were any condoms inside the drawers. Heavy, at the moment of your permission, practically ran to the bed and laid down, the bed creaking under your shared weight, his hands hovering over your body with uncertainty.

"Go ahead." You consented, allowing Heavy temporary free range over your body and thoroughly enjoying it. He seemed to be in a frenzy, his hands rubbing and stroking and feeling without any inhibition and complete and utter lust. You giggled as you felt his calloused hands grope at your ass and grind you against him, and you did similarly so in response. His lips caught yours with such force that it was nearly painful-- but sloppily and deliciously so.

He groaned, driving his hips forward desperately to get more friction as his tongue tangled with yours. You could sense he was getting somewhat carried away, and after another prolonged kiss you gently pushed him away, re-asserting your control over the situation.

"Hold on a sec." An idea had dawned on you as you and Heavy began to get involved, and you smiled wickedly to yourself as you left the bed and sauntered across your room to rummage for something buried among your random pile of clothes that would undoubtedly make the night something to remember.

You chuckled to yourself as you found it, recalling that it was initially given to you as a gag gift by the team-- an inside joke about how you were practically "one of the guys". Unlike most gag gifts, however, this was the real thing. Hence, it was usable, yet you never fathomed that you'd actually implement it.

"Close your eyes," You instructed Heavy, stifling your snickers of excitement as you donned the strap-on, the synthetic dildo protruding proudly out from your body as you stood up and secured the straps around your hips and thighs. It was a bit of a double strap-on, with bumps and ridges on the inside so the wearer could also experience some pleasure while it was in use. You shook your head in amused disbelief, hoping that Heavy would not have too much of an adverse reaction to what you were about to propose.

"Get on your knees, on the floor by the side of the bed. I'll sit down." You said, the bed giving a weary creak once more as Heavy's weight left the bed. It sagged lightly as you sat down, your pretend cock standing at attention. You attempted to keep a straight face as you tried to keep a dominant atmosphere about you, your wolfish smile growing as Heavy parted your knees with his hands, eyes still closed.

He had a smile of his own, a smile of eagerness to please what he thought would be your waiting region. However, his eyes flew open in surprise as his tongue made contact with not hot, wet, sensitive flesh, but rather cool, hard, smooth plastic. At first he backed away with a start, to better look at what was in front of his face. His eyes turned up towards you after he took in the sight of the strap on, startled and questioning, but not offended or revolted, which was an encouraging sign. Taking note of the reluctance in his eyes, however, you asked:

"You okay? Is there a problem?" He slowly shook his head, but he was still confused.

"Nyet... but what you want me to do?" He spoke for the first time since the two of you ducked into your room; his accent, thickened by the haze of arousal, sent shivers down your spine.

"What you would've done before, except with this strap-on here." His brow furrowed, still perplexed.

"You will feel nothing." He stated, grasping for some sort of understanding.

"But you will, hon." You replied cheekily, slightly shifting your hips so the phony erection lightly waved in front of his face.

He caught onto your game once more, and allowing himself a brief smirk as he gave the dildo a long lick before taking it into his mouth, pausing for a moment to try and figure out a rhythm of sorts. Heavy was accustomed to being on the receiving end of this kind of thing, and admittingly, this was the first time he ever had an... erection in his mouth, real or fake. So, he gathered his past experiences and tried to replicate them, bobbing his head back and forth on the plastic shaft that slowly became slicked with saliva.

After a good few minutes of Heavy giving you a pseudo-blowjob, you softly maneuvered the strap-on out of his mouth and gave him another instruction, knowing full well that it may be a bit of a stretch.

"I want to try something, Heavy. Will you try it with me?" You asked benignly, hoping he would agree. After all, you were certain your intentions were more than clear when you first bought out the sex toy. However, Heavy surprised you by clambering back onto your bed, his rear facing you as he crouched on his hands and knees.

"Da... Like this...?" He asked, glancing over his shoulder at you. You nodded excitedly.

"Exactly like that."

You flung open your nightstand drawer to find some lubricant (it was part of the strap-on set) to prep Heavy with, and triumphantly, you slammed the drawer shut clutching the small bottle of clear fluid in your hand. Hastily you squeezed a glob of lube onto your fingers and began to poke and prod Heavy's back entrance, initially just shallowly dipping your fingers into him before you fingered him deeper, scissoring and stretching him whilst liberally coating his insides.

Heavy grunted at first, tensing as your fingers began exploring his back end, but started to relax as he loosened up and stretched. He groaned quietly, arching his strong back as you grazed a particularly sensitive spot inside him. You made note of the spot as you experimentally hit it again, Heavy moaning under his breath. He muttered something hoarsely in Russian, which you couldn't understand word for word, but knew from his tone that he was having a good time. You climbed back on to your bed behind him and endearingly rubbed his back and thighs, asking him--

"Are you ready?" There was a heavy pause in the room.

"Da..." You heard him affirm, appearing to brace himself. Oh no, you'd have none of that. No tensing, if he tensed, this wouldn't work at all. You decided to relax him by reaching under him and giving him a few firm strokes, which he gladly responded to by lightly thrusting into your hand. You pressed the head of the strap-on to his entrance as you palmed him, grounding yourself as you prepared to slide in.

You had no intention of hurting the man-- and so, you slid the plastic member in slowly, bit by bit. Carefully watching Heavy's reaction, you gave him a second or two to adjust before slipping in the strap-on a few inches more. Once you were halfway in, you considered the most uncomfortable part over and picked up the pace, burying the artificial cock inside of him right down to the base of the shaft. The two of you seemed to exhale in unison, Heavy's head slightly bowed as he grew accustomed to the feeling.

It was strange, foreign to him-- but not unwelcome. He certainly felt himself stretching around the object, to the point where it was nearly painful. But it wasn't, and slowly the discomfort ebbed enough that he nodded to himself, prepared for what was next. You ran your hands down Heavy's sides, pausing once more to give a firmer ministration to his pulsing erection as you cautiously pulled out, and then pushed back in.

Heavy's reaction was priceless.

He made a choked sound, a gasp caught in his thoat at the pleasurable sensations that assaulted him from both his front and his back. His hands grabbed at the sheets with lustful abandon, his forehead draping down to rest on his forearms as you began to thrust at regular intervals. Groans escaped his mouth before he could hinder himself, and he felt his body grow unbearably hot.

Meanwhile, you were having a viciously fun time. You felt drunk on a peculiar sort of power and pride at reducing you heavy weapons specialist of a comrade-- a renowned behemoth of a man-- to a trembling, moaning mess. You felt your arousal peaking just from listening to the lovely noises he was making; that, and with each forward thrust, your own sensitive flesh ground against the inside bumps and ribs of the sex toy, which was also bringing you swiftly to completion.

You bit your lip as you began fucking him with more fervor, your breaths discordant and hitching with each forward throw of your hips. Heavy let out an uncharacteristically desperate moan, his back arching as he practically buried his face into the bedsheets. His English was failing him, almost comically so, as he struggled to find words to convey his ecstasy.

You knew he was close as he drove his hips back to meet yours, haphazardly seeking more of the object and the person wielding it that was giving him such intense sensations.

"__-______ ..." The Russian raggedly gasped your name, his arm muscles rippling as he wildly clawed at the sheets. Heavy's hulking body was taut and rigid as his orgasm seized him, taking him and spiriting him away into a realm of a kind of bliss that he hadn't known before, the kind that erupted from deep inside him and filled him with a white hot heat. He moaned, loud and unabashed, uncaring of any possibility that the two of you might disturb the other sleeping teammates with your late night debauchery.

You answered his moan with a whimper of your own as you felt your senses overload, climax flaring up inside you and resonating throughout your body in waves. Unconsciously his name fumbled from your lips as you thrusted a few more times before withdrawing the strap-on from Heavy, the exhausted man shifting to one side of the bed and collapsing to his side once he felt the toy leave his body.

You lazily unclipped the toy from your body and discarded it to the side of the room, flopping back onto your bed and next to Heavy. Some parts of the blanket were stained with the remnants of Heavy's release, but you frankly didn't give too much of a damn. You were far more focused on the bear of a man in front of you, whose breath finally began to calm as he rested with his forearm thrown over his eyes.

"So... Was it worth it?" You asked after awhile, breaking the silence of the room. Heavy made a noise of confusion, looking at you for clarification. "The bet?" You added, idly shifting under the sheets and getting more comfortable. He seemed to remain befuddled for a moment longer before breaking out in raucous laughter. Startled, you demanded, "What's so funny?"

"I forgot there was bet!" Heavy said, chortling at his own expense. You found yourself chuckling too, shaking your head as you turned on your back to look at the ceiling. But one question lingered in the back of your mind.

"... What does this mean? What happens now?" You asked, avoiding Heavy's eyes. "I mean... uh, listen, I'm really attracted to you but I can't see us--"

"Don't need to explain, I understand. I feel same." He cut you off mid sentence, but thankfully so. He had assuaged the worst of your worries, but there was still the other aspect of it that lingered that you wanted to say aloud. You angled your head away from him, still insecure in what you voiced next.

"But you... really mean a lot as a friend to me. I hope this doesn't... you know... make things weird. Even though tonight was amazing." You didn't want him to misunderstand-- you still found him physically enticing, very much. But you found his companionship even more so, and above all, that was what you sought to preserve post-coitus. Surprised, you felt Heavy's hand take your chin and turn it towards him, so you were looking him in the eyes. He smiled, and said--

"You mean a lot as friend, too. But we can still be friends, and still be this." Upon saying 'this', he gestured to the rest of the bed. "Nothing have to change. We still comrades, but in bed as well as battlefield."

"You know, I kind of like the sound of that." You replied, sleepily edging towards Heavy. The last thing you felt as you shut your eyes in the dim first rays of sunrise was Heavy's arm draping over your waist.


Phew, what a write. I had fun with this, and I hope your request meets expectations, anon 5/28!

Also, as a general announcement, I've made a tumblr (that I'm using to save all this new fanfiction on), so if anyone's interested in a link, don't hesitate to ask!