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AN:/ Hey everyone! Obligatory apologies for the long wait-- finals and whatnot have just finished and the end of the acedemic year has been crazy. But that will all change, as I now have much much more time and will jump on everyone's requests. As usual, I'll be posting my fics in two parts-- so here we go!

(Incidentally, I found a site that allows writers to make their own interactive erotica fics... would anyone be interested, by any chance?)

>>25 For None-Mouse: Sniper x Reader, [Dirty Little Secret]

Under any other circumstances, doing your job would be so much easier if it weren't for a certain... quirk, of yours. You desperately tried to focus your scope on the target, ignoring everything else except for your crosshairs set on the opposing team member's head. Your finger twitched on the tigger--

Another headshot.

Emitting a sound of satisfaction, you leaned back on one of the wooden crates you propped up behind you in your small alcove. Reloading your rifle, you sneakily refocused your scope on a rather different target, praying that he wouldn't, by some twisted chance of fate, look up and see his own team's sniper trained on him. You felt your heartbeat in your ears as you counted your breaths, trying to remain calm. But, unfortunately for you, your little 'quirk' prevented you from keeping a complete grasp on your composure, and so you found yourself thinking feverishly about how damn good he looked, with that custom uniform of his...

You mind quickly fled into the gutter, and with it filthy daydreams of your fellow teammate and the clothes you found so attractive. As embarrassed as you were to admit it-- you couldn't deny it: you had a thing for uniforms. You couldn't fathom why for the life of you, but that did not change the fact that you found uniforms unbelievably, irrevocably hot. And in any other scenario, this wouldn't cause you much trouble. But as chance would have it, you managed to land a job in Scenic Nowhere, a mystical land where it seems the only thing that anyone ever does is wear god forsaken uniforms. Thus, you swung in what felt like a perpetual state of attraction to your teammates, savoring the differences yet ever-present unity in the clothing that the lot of you proudly adorned while dutifully protecting your assigned estates. You felt a shudder of pleasure down your spine at the thought.

...You honestly felt quite pathetic sometimes, but you reasoned with yourself that it was like a man whose team was entirely made up of scantily clad women-- no one could blame a person for feeling attraction in that scenario, right? Why should yours be any different?

That all being said, despite your unshakable adoration of uniforms, you found that one uniform wearer in particular snags your attention, and something tells you that it's more than his clothes. That same uniform wearer, the current focus of your scope, had his scope trained elsewhere-- actually doing his job, unlike someone else you knew of. You felt the blood rushing to your face as your eyes scrutinized him from head to toe; from his wide-brimmed hat to the folds of his shirt, down to his vest and the class symbol proudly blazoned on his sleeve.


You swallowed roughly, feeling weak in the legs as you unabashedly sexed-up your unsuspecting fellow gunslinger in the safe, surreptitious confines of your daydreams. This was going to be a very long day indeed.

That is, until Sniper happened to look up exactly where you perched to see your gun trained intently on him, shoulders hunched as you peered through the scope. He appeared to look alarmed for a moment, his rifle instinctively aiming at you. Equally startled, you recoiled from your gun, and, nearly dropping it, attempted to find another target to shoot so it wouldn't seem like you had just spent the past fifteen minutes staring at him. Alas, it was too late. Sniper had definitely seen you, and you felt his eyes on you as you fiddled with your rifle, willing the redness that saturated your face to go away.

Embarrassment overwhelmed you, and finally you retreated from your alcove and back towards your team's fortress, not daring to look Sniper's way. You were at the entrance of your team's base.

Until you felt the blade of a butterfly knife embed itself in your back.

Crumpling to the ground, you caught the glimpse of a retreating enemy Spy. Vision fading fast, you heard a gunshot somewhere above you and managed to see a bullet run through the enemy Spy's head before everything went black.