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I remember seeing this in the chan but I don't recall who wrote it. Engineer/you (There was a male equivalent but I can't seem to find it)

Engineer is a man who solves problems. Sexual problems. And that's why you're here. You peek your head in the door and speak quietly. "..Engineer? I'm confused. Can you fix me?"

He sets down the blueprints he was looking at on the bench next to him. He looks concerned and pats his knee. "C'mere an' tell me about it." There's plenty of bench to sit on but you end up on his knee anyways. His thigh feels like a bunch of cabling pulled tight. He's so patient as he listens to you, running his thumb over your knuckles and smiling. You trail off into silence as you lose your train of thought. He waits, watching you and bouncing you gently on his knee as you try to collect your thoughts.

So patient.

An uncomfortable silence grows in the room. You face Engineer, his mouth a serious line and his jaw firm as he watches you. A thought plays at your mind and you reach up and tickle him under his chin. He wriggles his shoulders a bit. "Hey now, knock that off, silly." with a playful light punch to your shoulder. You nab his hand and begin tracing a circle in his palm with your fingertip. His chest shakes as he holds down the laughter. His big hand closes around yours and he draws your hand forward to rest on his shoulder. Now leaning against him with your arm around him you tense up a little bit. You've never been this close to him before. He has the smell of his work around him. Machines, metal, hard work. Underneath that there are more natural smells; just a hint of barbecue and beer. But he's warm. So very warm.

Slowly you relax your neck and your head rests on Engineer's shoulder. Heavenly.

Your other hand drifts to one of the buttons on his coveralls and begins toying with it idly. He snuggles in a bit closer, wrapping an arm around your back. His stubble rubs up against your face - it tickles and now you're the one suppressing a giggle."That tickles!" The laugh seems to pass from you to him and you can feel the low chuckle echoing out from his core. "Aw, you-" He pats your head and then rubs your face with his stubble again on purpose making you twist around and laugh.

A kiss lands right on the edge of your ear and he whispers a sweet nothing in his smooth drawl. You settle down as you feel that sweet hot breath against your ear. The sound of those deep breaths coming from his barrel chest. You lean back into him, enjoying how affectionate he is. The sound is so rhythmic and relaxing. Better than waves in the ocean. Better than wind through the tall grass. His warm breath drifts against your cheek as he rests his head on yours. He laces his fingers in yours. You can tell exactly what expression is on his face, even when you're not looking.

You turn your head and press a shy kiss against his neck. Then another. You snuggle in a bit closer, tracing a line going down his throat with the tip of your nose. Your hand rubs across his chest. "Engineer." You whisper his name. Underneath his clothes you can feel hints of the firm pecs underneath.

A reassuring squeeze - he knows what you're thinking.

When you nip up to kiss him, you catch him on the jaw, making him smile more and then he turns his face just in time to kiss you back when you try for a second one. Engineer's lips aren't rough. They're some wonderful place between leathery and soft. Just a little peck at first with a hint of moisture. Nothing too fast, all in good time.

He strokes your cheek gently with his thumb as you move back in for more. Even as you show your impatience he's still as paced and relaxed as ever. Just the feel of his rough thumb moving up and down sends tingling across your skin. Lips meet again with a series of short pecks growing stronger and firmer. And you know that he'll get around to whatever it is you wanted right when the time's right. That's why you let him take his time. Engineer knows just what he's doing.

His hands are the best. His fingers are rough, strong and calloused but his palms are worn soft. So soft and gentle. And he's got such fine control. His motions are fine and precise, his touches gentle, warm and in just all the right places. He slides a palm up and down your side, warm and a welcome contrast to his rough, work-worn fingertips. His head tilts and his mouth presses against yours. His mouth is so wide and his stubble brushes against the side of your face as his lips work a slow spell, tracing from the corners to the center. A slight sound escapes him. "Mm."

That slight sound, that primal echo rumbling out from him. It lasts only a moment but it makes your mouth go dry and lights a fire to your hunger. He opens his mouth slightly as he works in dizzying but deft motions. His taste is heady and rich - a slightly sweet malt with a bitter aftertaste mixed with a hint of barbecue smoke.

You slide your arms around his bowed shoulders. If at all possible even in your wildest dreams you want to be closer to him. As his lips trace circles of delight one of his strong arms slides beneath you. He holds you closer. Just right. Twisting slightly your bodies seem to become interlocked. Breaths come in rhythm as one. Engineer breaks the kiss at its' apex to look down at you. Even through the goggles you can tell the look - filled with a steady love. You know this is a man you can rely on as he smiles down at you. His free hand traces down to your hip as you move towards him again. This time bolder. His lips are strong but tempered. His tongue is thick and hot. No alcohol could ever match the intoxicating pulse coming from Engineer.

The very tip of his tongue traces over your lips. Another pause. In a low drawl he whispers, "We grillin' tonight." This time it's him that's moving in, exploring the entry of your mouth like a gentleman. Bold but not forceful. Moving to match him you feel the rough texture of his tongue against yours. Even with your mouth full of Texan you mutter his name. "Engie..." He responds with a gentle squeeze as he turns his head slightly, working in with greater strength. His hand traces in waves downwards to massage your hip. It almost feels like his big workman's hand is wrapping right around you. His fingers slide under the edge of your shirt and he breaks the kiss for only as short a time as he needs to skillfully pull off your shirt. Who needed that shirt anymore? Not you. Goodbye shirt, hello again Engineer.

Slowly you become aware that the kiss had become something much more active. Engineer's movement had started from his neck but it had soon spread down. Both bodies pressed against each other rocking back and forth in unison. Warmth begins to give way to heat and sweat.

Your arm slides away from his shoulder - now rippling with motion. Your fingers fumble at the button of his cover-alls, tugging at the hook. His hand meets yours, stroking your knuckles gently again. Guiding your hand he helps you as you unlatch the straps. Your hands return to his broad shoulders and begin to side down his back, slipping the cover-alls off. Engineer arches his back and the front panel of his cover-alls drops away revealing the bulging muscles stretching the fabric of his shirt. A gentle shudder passes over him as your hands linger at the small of his back. Looking down he grins while stroking your arm as your fingers trace lower and begin tugging up at his shirt-tails.

"Eager, ain't we?" He gently chides as you begin to wrestle his shirt off. You both slide upwards as he helps to pull the shirt up and off. As it hits the floor you both lie back down. Skin against skin. His chest hair is soft and just a little bit ticklish - less so than his stubble. So warm and close.

His arms wrap around you. The smooth skin of his biceps whisper across your upper arms as the strong muscles below press into you and hold you tightly. Completely encircled you can feel his muscles relax and it feels like you're sinking into a heavenly pillow made just made for you. His head bends down and he begins to nuzzle your neck. His stubble tracing rough sparks of excitement along your throat and his goggles gently tapping your cheek. Suddenly fingers dance at your side making you giggle and squirm. "Eehe! Stop it, you!"

A chuckle rumbles out from Engineer's core as he continues to snuggle, rubbing his jaw along your throat as he traces gentle kisses. The tickle is replaced by an exploring hand that finds the top of your pants. Engineer sticks a finger under the waistband and slides it along until it reaches the top button.

"Y'thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Engineer asks, even though he doesn't need to. He already knows. You nod, managing a dreamy "Mm-hmm". With a snap of his fingers he undoes the top button of your pants. With a steady hand he slowly pulls down the zipper. Agonizingly.

He leans up and plants a slight kiss at the corner of your mouth. He gives you time to adjust before proceeding. Even though your mouth is hanging open slightly and your breath quick his kind manner is slowing everything down to a casual pace. He gets up on his knees and straddling you, he begins to slide down your pants. Watching him work you can see the trail of dark hair leading down from his navel. Down- down--

Off goes one pant leg then the other. There's a slight hint of concentration on Engineer's face as he tosses aside the pants and leans back over you, holding himself above you like a well toned arch. His stomach muscles stand out even more when he's leaned over like that. That navel again- And below it--

You can't resist and reach out a hand tugging at the folded-over cloth of his overalls. The top of a pair of red and white striped boxers peeks out. Your heart feels like it's jumped up into your stomach as your fingers curl around the top of his boxers. There's nothing more you'd like than to tear down those boxers and satisfy your curiosity. A soft tap on the back of your hand stops you. Engineer waves a finger at you and rests your hand on your stomach. He places his hands on his sides and begins siding them down. His hands push down his overalls and his underwear revealing his penis and his hard-muscled thighs.

You stare in awe at it. Engineer himself was a tall, stocky, well-built man. His little dispenser was impressively thick and hung slightly to the left. The base fed into a thick forest of wiry pubic hair that spanned over his taught groin. You noticed his penis wasn't just hanging anymore. Now that Engineer was exposed it was quickly coming to life. A blush spread across Engineer's face. A smile curled across your lips. "Now who's eager?"

Sliding away from him slightly you take more of him in as you tug off your underwear. Engineer was looking down and away slightly but he didn't look at all unhappy or uncomfortable. Maybe he was getting a bit bashful? You couldn't help but look between his blushing face and his mounting erection. His testicles came into better view as they became less visually obstructed. ...Well would take a big pair to go running out into the field of battle with just a wrench and a shotgun. That pretty much summed up Engineer right there. As you tossed away your underwear you got to your knees to meet him in an embrace. Now free of any obstructions you pressed against the hardhat. You could feel all of him against you. His heat, his sweat, and now his hardness.

His big hands gripped at your shoulders. For a few moments you stared into his eyes. His stare back was intense. His jaw was angled in a serious line. He opened his mouth and very, very softly but deliberately whispered, "I love you. So very much." You felt a flush rush across your face as you smothered his mouth in kisses. The kisses became fiercer and you vaguely noticed he was grinding into you ever so lightly.

"Engie, you're so hard." You sigh as the head of Engineer's penis rubs up and down across your stomach. He leans his face into the space between your throat and your shoulder as he muffles a short moan. Rub. Rub. Rub. The sensation drives you crazy - everything in you begging for more of that sweet thick dispenser. Both you and Engineer speak at the same time, your words blending together, "Take m-want you."

You both blink at each other for a moment then laugh a bit shyly. "So I guess.." You trail off, blushing. "Yep." Well, that was settled. Engineer begins sealing the unspoken deal by tracing kisses across your collarbone then moving down. You squirm a little bit trying to hold back tears of laughter. As Engineer reaches the center of your chest he suddenly reaches up and presses your breasts inwards just lightly enough that they press against his scratchy cheeks. Then he chuckles as he shakes his face back and forth. "EEEHAHAHA! That tickles!" You fall on to your back giggling like crazy. Engineer leans over you, observing his handiwork and grinning. "C'mere you!" You throw your arms around his neck and pull him down into a passionate kiss.

Engineer's hands probe busily while you keep his manly tongue occupied. His hands trace the outer edge of your breasts as he uses his palms to kead them. He applies a soft touch, but the state he's in is catching. You rub your thighs together to try and quiet the growing arousal. That just draws Engineer's attention.

Finishing off the kiss Engineer turns looking downwards at your twisting hips. He reaches down setting a big warm hand on one hip, thumb hitched into the top of your underwear. He looks up at you waiting for the go-ahead. You shyly nod. He begins sliding down your underwear with his big fingers. The panties fall to the floor in a small heap. Now it's Engineer's turn to stare.

A slightly awkward silence as Engineer takes in the view. He begins to gently stroke your outer thighs, careful not to go too far too quickly. "Mm." You begin to make little noises as Engineer's hands slowly moved inwards. As he reaches your inner thighs he begins gently spreading your legs with each stroke. He watches your expression even more carefully than he watches a sentry go up. His rough touch against your soft skin just makes you want more. His hands slide between your legs and you feel the slight shock and pleasure as one of his fingertips brushes against your clitoris.

Engineer begins rubbing gently, managing to spread some of the wetness that had already resulted from the earlier fooling around. You begin rocking into his strong hand as he gently teases your clitoris. The pressure increases illiciting a series of cries from you. "Ah! Ah! AHH!" You look up at Engineer and it seems you're not the only one affected by this. His breathing has quickened and he looks redder than ever. His fingers slide down a little further and he tests sliding his index finger inside. You're immediately aware of just how big Engineer's fingers are. It doesn't hurt but it's certainly an experience. As you get used to his finger it starts to feel good. Then he tries moving the finger in and out just a little. Oh god.

"Nnf" Engineer moves the finger a little deeper and deeper still. Oh god it's fantastic. He pulls the finger out and very slowly tries inserting two fingers. It hurts a bit this time as you stretch to accommodate two of his great big fingers. Though from what you could see you'd need it in preparation for something even bigger. Engineer is surprisingly methodical and patient as he proceedes to wait and work in slowly. Once he gets both fingers in he moves them around gently. You grind your hips against his great big hand. He slides his fingers back out and climbs between your legs. He'd been patient, an absolute gentleman. You were ready and he was well beyond ready. Now was the right time.

He lifts you into a better position and guides your legs around him. It was amazing he was so co-ordinated considering how hot and heavy he was breathing. One hand steadies him while the other aims his dick. He presses forward slowly. At first just the head of his penis comes in contact with your vagina. It's incredibly hot and just a little wet. After lingering for a few moments he moves forward pushing himself inside. Oh god oh god oh god he was huge. It hurt a little bit but- HUGE. Engineer lets out a moan "That's tight!" His hips slide backwards and you can feel his penis slowly sliding out. Then he rocks his hips forward and you're completely full again. It was a sweet, satisfying feeling as he begins to move. He catches one of your hands and interlocks fingers as his hips buck. Then he reached it and started hitting that spot inside. You began to call his name, sighing and moaning. "Engie... Engie. Oh! ENGIE!"

On top of the sensation of his big, thick dispenser hitting just the right spot was the friction his body was producing. His muscles ripple as he moves. His chest hair scratches and tickles. Body heat spreads out and sweat collects. Your toes curl and you bite your lip as he plows into you. It was a heady combination that makes you cry out. "Harder Engie!" His hips begin moving faster and harder and a gravelly groan escapes the back of his throat at every breath. You barely even notice the dirty wet sounds or the sensation of your body being lifted up at the apex of each thrust. Your world is Engineer. As you look up into his strained face glittering with exertion your heart strains. Behind that black glass he's looking right back at you and you know for him there is nothing and nobody else in the world. "What.. a man-" You barely manage to sigh between ragged breaths. You feel the tension within you rise and you squeeze his hand still interlocked with yours. His mouth opens slightly and his lips move, a question hanging there that had been interrupted by a moan.

Cranning your neck upwards you whisper in his ear, "Come inside." Engineer squeezes your hand back. You wrap your legs tightly around him as he continues his pumping. By this point your voice is raised to high cries of pleasure as you feel yourself getting closer. "E- ENGINEER!" Your eyes close for a breif moment as the orgasam hits you. Sensation spreads all the way to the tips of your toes as you let yourself go. Your whole body shakes as Engineer cries "GOIN' UP!" - a hot sensation spreads inside you in short bursts as he comes. Engineer loweres himself onto his elbows, his breath slowing and sweat dripping off him. Your thigh rubs up against his hip as another smaller orgasam follows up the first. "Haa- haa. How was it?" Engineer asks softly as he catches his breath, a hint of eagerness in his voice. You reach up and stroke the side of his face. "Oh Engie, it was perfection."