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Every second ticked by felt more like a needle pushed in until it hit bone. Scout tried to ignore how terrified he really was and just focus on the fact that Engineer would be back in no time.

How long had he been sitting there? He didn’t dare look at the clock.

C’mon – just a little longer and he’ll be back and I’ll be fine and nothing will happen. Come on.

His heart raced.

Nothing to be scared of. Nothing to be scared of…

His brain whirled. He tried to block out the his imagination – to create a blank slate in his mind, but it wasn’t working.

The shadowy specter of his mind would prowl across the floor. His eyes would gleam in satisfaction, and he’d give that horrid, toothy grin. He’d make short work of the lock, and the door to the little prison would swing open. Smoothly. Silently.

Scout closed his eyes. No. No. Shut up. It’s not gonna happen again.

He imagined the horrid feeling of that fine leather against his skin as Spy’s hand closed around his neck. The cool, metallic terror as Spy pressed his gun against his temple. He would say – softly… almost like a gentle croon to a lover – “Do it, and maybe I won’t make your life miserable, mon cher.”

Mocking, horrible, horrible word. Scout didn’t know French, but he knew enough to know that those words Spy called him were not meant for what he did to Scout. Horrible man.

Scout’s heart was pounding in terror now – his breathing restricted and tense. There was no stopping the nightmarish scene from playing out now. He felt paralyzed from his own wicked mind.

That smell again. His breath would smell like Brandy and cigarettes. It made him sick just thinking about it. His thumb would squeeze on Scout’s fragile trachea as his other hand would make short work of the loose clothes Engineer had given him. Scout wouldn’t resist. Spy was so vicious when he was angry.

He’d flip Scout over.


Force him on his knees – even the bad one. He never did it from the front. He didn’t like to be reminded.

Please no… Not again… Don’t…

Press Scout’s face into the pillow. Sobbing as Scout clutched at the sheets and brace himself. He would be shaking. So scared. So scared.

And then the zipper would—

Scout froze. There was someone at the door to the workshop. He was sure of it.

He listened in silent terror as unsure hands fumbled with the lock. Engineer would know what he was doing. It couldn’t be him. It couldn’t be.

Scout froze, holding his breath. As if it would save him if his nightmares were realized. His heart thundered in his chest.

When the door opened and he saw that it was just Engineer, he could have cried. “FUCK, MAN!” he exploded, sniffling and wiping at his eyes. “Longest fucking hour I’ve had in my entire life!”

Engineer leaned on the door frame, grinning like an idiot. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “Time got away from me, there… I had a greeeeat time.”
“Glad to hear it,” Scout muttered with a scowl. “I had a fucking shitty time. But at least ONE of us enjoyed themselves.”

Engineer raised an eyebrow slowly. “Now what’s that attitude for, pardner?”
“You were fucking gone all night. Something could have happened and you wouldn’t have known. Plus, it’s just damn fucking scary. Course I’m pissed!”

Engineer narrowed his eyes. “So, what? I’m not allowed to go out n’ enjoy myself just because you get the willies from being alone? I’m supposed to drop EVERYTHING for ya and spend the rest of my life in this damn room keepin’ ya company?”

Scout paused. “Well, I… I dunno…” he admitted softly.
“Get this straight, kid. This is YOUR prison. Not mine. Now, I’ll do all I can for ya, but I want to live my life, too. Understand?”

Engineer’s voice was stern and a little annoyed, but not aggressive. Scout still winced. “Yeah… I do… Sorry, Hardhat.”
Engineer grunted and exited.

Scout lifted the blanket over his head and wrapped up like it was a cocoon. Everything Engineer said made sense. It wasn’t even unreasonable. Hell, he was a life saver! He was still going to take care of Scout and feed him and protect him, after all. His request – that his life not totally revolve around Scout – was totally understandable.

So why did it still hurt?


The urge to kill had never been stronger.

Spy watched the stout Texan exit his room, and begin locking his door in an overly convoluted manner. He huffed, nostrils blowing out twin, invisible jets of smoke. Please. As if he’d try to sneak into that mad man’s room – he probably had the place crawling with filthy, disgusting sentries.


The assassin brushed his thumb against the sharp blade of his butterfly knife almost sensually.

It would be so easy. He wouldn’t hear the sound of his invisibility cloak dropping – not until it was too late. He’d creep up behind him like a terrible angel of death – so silently… The knife would slide in like a thing of beauty – would sever the spine with a sickening crunch.

A one last, shuddering jerk as the muscles in the Texan’s back seized around the foreign object. Blood would gush everywhere – Spy could barely believe he’d once thought of the crimson liquid as something so deplorable; it now had an effect on him that all the money and expensive Italian suits in the world couldn’t buy.

He’d stop the shorter man from screaming – would clamp his gloved hand over his mouth – “Shhh, shhh,” he’d whisper as the man’s knees buckled. He’d press their bodies together, grunt as he drove the blade in deeper, and twisted just for good measure. He’d make Engineer watch, helpless on the floor with his life’s blood gushing out in rich spouts as he’d break into the room and—

“Merde…” Spy hissed, backing away as Engineer suddenly turned around and strolled right past him without a care in the world. He stood still and waited until he was around the corner, then decloaked with a sigh. Too close. He couldn’t let his mind wander like that. There was a disbelieving moan as he realized that his fantasizing had left him with quite an embarrassing erection as well. Damn, he needed to get laid.

He scowled, brushing the worn, rusting metal with his fingertips. How infuriating! Scout – HIS Scout – was naught but a few feet away, and Spy couldn’t even lay an eye on him, much less lay a hand!

A low growl. There was no doubt about it – if brutally murdering Engineer would have been a viable option to get to Scout, he would have without any qualms.

Strike that – even if there were other ways, it’d be the first on his list! Even if he had to endure having to do it with a barbaric weapon like Soldier’s shovel, and risk getting brains in his perfect suit, he would do it.


He sucked on his cigarette as if it were a God-send, and slowly exhaled. He flicked it away and got started on a fresh one.

But there was no use fantasizing. Murder was NOT an option. He was doing this entire charade just so that the stubby little dwarf wouldn’t ruin his reputation. Killing him would only prove to achieve the same feat – only everyone would be actively PISSED at him for doing it. Especially if he killed one of their best (and favorite, for some inexplicable reason) members just because he wanted to fool around with some boy. He could get in actual, legitimate trouble. Maybe even get fired! Or worse.

A shudder. No, no, no. Scout was worth plenty, but he wasn’t worth that. There had to be another way…

Yes. There WAS another way. It would be difficult, but nothing was beyond Spy’s abilities, he reassured himself. He strode off, carrying himself like a man with a purpose.

After all, he thought, eyes flashing. Everyone… EVERYONE has a skeleton hiding in their closet…


Whoa... Calm down there, Spy, Buddy. You're actin' KER-RAAAAY-ZAY.