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Somehow, a new fantasy made itself known to Spy. His anticipation – his craving to kill that blasted Engineer – to stab him and stare him in the eyes until he breathed his last… It was almost greater than actually securing his boy again.

However, unlike with reclaiming Scout, killing the Engineer was one fantasy that would never happen.

Well, not in actuality. He’d never be able to kill Engineer, but he would make that fool wish he had. He’d wield the information he’d gathered like a knife and drive it into the man’s very SOUL – make him regret ever getting involved.

Make him realize that Spy’s possessions were his OWN, and not to be trifled with.

But. There’s a certain aspect missing, the Spy realized as he went over his findings once more. I can’t come to him with this. He’s as docile as an old dog, but even mutts still have their teeth. I don’t want him to fly into a rage – he might not be able to control his own barbaric impulses.

Once again, Scout was worth a lot, but not worth getting injured. So the solution was simple. He’d track Engineer for the next month or so. Chances were he’d find SOMETHING more to use against the inbred bastard.

And so he watched, and waited, and bid his time.


“Well, it looks like yer checked out jes’ fine, kid,” Engineer said, smiling over his clipboard. “Fever’s finally down an’ it looks like it’s gone fer good. Yer mouth’s drained out and there’s no more swelling, and it looks like you can start goin’ through physical therapy fer yer leg in no time. Maybe we can even get ya walkin’ again.”

“Aw, sweet, man!” Scout yawned quietly and grinned up at the man. “This is… This is fucking great.” An awkward cough. “I know I… Hmmm. I guess I don’t say this enough, but, uh… Well… Thank you. Seriously. You are the BOMB, for real.”

“Aw, shoot…” The stout Texan rubbed the back of his neck. “It’s nothin’. I’m just…” A pause. “I’m just the sort of feller that believes that… everyone should have a chance, I guess.”

The boy blinked. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Ah, nothin’ – didn’t mean ta get all philosophical on ya.” The man glanced at his watch. “Now it’s gettin’ late. You want the light on or off?” He hovered beside the door, his finger on the light switch.
“Eh… Off, I guess.” The kid stashed the comic he’d been reading in the crate beside his bed, making sure to mark it so that he knew where to begin in the morning. “I had enough Bonk Boy for t’night.”
A chuckle. “Right ya are.” The light flicked off. “G’night, Scout.”
“Night, Hardhat.”

Scout yawned and snuggled into his pillow as Engineer shut and locked the door.

The older man gave a yawn himself, and stretched, popping his back a good few times. He’d stopped by for dinner earlier in the evening, but he already felt a case of the munchies coming on again. He’d just decided to go grab another bite to eat, when there came a slow, deliberate knock at his door.

He was instantly suspicious. Now, who would be up an’ about at this hour, knockin’ like that? Smells fishy. His fears were quickly affirmed as he opened the door and smelled a wisp of smoke. A snarl. “What the hell do you want?”

Spy smiled down smugly at the guarded Texan. “Bonjour, Monsieur Ingénieur. Apologies for visiting when it is so late, but I have a very pressing issue I’m sure zee both of us would like to see resolved posthaste. May I come in?”

Engineer tried to shut the door, but Spy had anticipated this and stuck his foot in the gap. Engineer glowered at him. “Oh, please, Monsieur,” Spy begged again, smiling like a viper wooing a rabbit. “I must insist. It really is important.”

“Mister, I’m assuming you like that foot ya done jammed in my door. If yer plannin’ on keepin’ it, I’d suggest you move. NOW,” Engineer snarled.
Spy just smiled again. “Monsieur, I didn’t know you had a daughter. How old is she? Do you even remember?”

Suddenly, the door was flung open, and two thick, strong hands grabbed Spy by his collar. Engineer yanked the Frenchman down to eye level, and sneered like a wild animal, his eyes wild. “How the FUCK do you know about her?” came the low, unnatural growl.
Spy just continued smiling, even in the face of his apparent demise. “I t’ink zat we understand each ozzer clearly now, don’t you agree? Now, please, I would prefer not to discuss such sensitive topics out in the open.”

Engineer trembled with rage, wanting nothing more than to wipe that smug, self-satisfied smirk off that bastard’s face, but after a few intense moments of glaring directly into Spy’s eyes, he finally relinquished his grip.

“Get in.”