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Rated M for mind fuck.


There was a convulsion and a gasp as Scout was ripped from his restless slumber. A weak groan – his neck felt stiff, his face was swollen, his throat ached, and there was a terrible pounding feeling at the base of his skull.

He coughed to rid himself of the terrible taste in his mouth and moved to rub his face, but he realized he couldn’t move his arms.

Wait a…

Scout jerked fully awake with a gasp, eyes darting around as he tried to pull his wrists free. They were bound to the headboard by something thin and silken, but strong. He was still in Engineer’s workshop, thank God, but the stout Texan was still nowhere to be found.

Immediately, his eyes came to rest on the grinning cobra in front of him. Spy was grinning and stroking himself blatantly, proud erection swollen with desire. The man had taken off his coat and tie, but still wore his unbuttoned dress shirt and unzipped pants. He’d also donned thin latex gloves for the occasion, and Scout could see an opened bottle of lube lying on the bed.


His terrified, blue eyes flashed back up to the man, and spy grinned even wider. “Ah, Madame Sleeping Beauty. You’re finally awake, I see.”

Scout gave a low, pitiful whimper as he realized he was stripped bare, as well. Panic began setting in slowly, and he took a shuddering breath. “Please… Please…” he whispered, trembling. “I… I’m sorry. Don’t…” A small sob. “Don’t…”

“I hope you’re fully prepared to make up for zis little vacation you’ve been on, boy,” Spy continued idly, squeezing some of the lube onto his gloved fingers.
“I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” So scared. He felt powerless. He couldn’t resist. Fighting only made it worse.


“I’m afraid ‘sorry’ simply isn’t enough. You’ll have to pay. And stop looking over at zat door, you stupid boy. He’s not coming back. ‘e’s come to see just how much of a hassle you really are, and I assure you, he won’t ever want to come within ten yards of you ever again.”


Scout felt a jolt of frigid electricity shoot up his spine as one of Spy’s fingers wriggled inside of him. “Now, where was I…”

Scout couldn’t help it. He burst into tears, trying to wriggle away from the thin, intrusive digit. “NO, no, no, no, no, no, no!” he sobbed. “Please, Spy, PLEASE! Not that! Anything but that – PLEASE! I’ll do ANYTHING!”

“Really?” Spy chuckled, slipping in yet another lubed finger and stretching the kid out as best as he could. “Are you sure?”
“Yes! YES!!!” Scout screamed, voice cracking. He sobbed harder. “Please… Please, anything else…”

There was a smirk as Spy twisted the two fingers inside of Scout, pumping his throbbing cock the whole time. “Would you suck me off?”
Scout trembled silently. It might start with a blowjob, yes, but Spy always got so rough – so heedless… His stomach turned.
Spy forced his fingers down to the knuckle. “Well?” he hissed.

Scout groaned with discomfort, and whispered, “Yes…”
Spy scissored his fingers. “Yes to WHAT, boy?”
A sharp cry of pain, and Scout gushed out, “I-I’ll do it! I’ll blow you! I’ll blow you real good! Just… Just don’t… Don’t…”

Spy didn’t stop his ministrations, pumping his hand in and out of the boy, making sure to stretch him out as he had been before he’d suddenly been whisked away. “Not good enough. I want you to BEG, boy. Beg to suck my cock, and I just might heed your request.”

Scout gasped as he felt a third finger probing his entrance, and all of his resolve crumbled. “Yeah, yeah…” he rasped, eyes wild with desperation and fear. “God, please, Spy – I… I want your c…cock. I want it so bad, man. I’ll suck you better than you’ve ever had in your entire life – I swear. I really… I really want it. You.” His stomach rolled again, even as he added a thin little, “Please…”

“‘Please’, what?” Spy prompted softly.
“P…Please… Master…”

Spy removed his fingers roughly, grinning like the snake he was. “Very good, mon cher!” he praised mockingly. He removed his tainted glove and roughly grabbed the kid’s hair. “Asking so nicely certainly does warrant a reward… Open your mouth and say, ‘Ah,’ s’il vous plaît.” He readied his cock, stroking the tip.

Scout feebly obeyed. This didn’t look like it was leading to a simple blowjob, but what could he do? If he refused, he’d just take what he needed from elsewhere… The boy closed his eyes, tightly, tears streaming down his cheeks. “Ahhhh—kkrgh!”

As expected, Spy simply plunged in, and Scout’s already upset stomach heaved. Spy pulled out again expertly and turned Scout’s head so that the stream of vomit went cascading into the waste bucket by the bed. Weak coughs.

Spy did this again and again until he was certain Scout’s poor, abused body was empty, and started fucking the poor kid’s mouth long and hard, huffing with pleasure.

He’d go as far as he could, forcing himself past the gag reflex and into the esophagus, would feel the panicked contractions of the boy’s throat against his swollen head and revel in it until Scout threatened to lose consciousness once more.

It was gloriously brutal and fun. Scout would gasp for air every time Spy came back up and would sob and plead for mercy, but Spy had already extended all of the compassion he could take for today. Besides, Scout looked so much better in tears. Still ugly, of course, but torment shone so plainly on his face. It was a wonder to see all the different stages of agony play out on his young features.

Spy supposed he should have thanked that blasted Engineer, after all. Scout most certainly did look much better than he did the last time Spy had paid him a visit. With any luck, he’d make the little wretch last for weeks to come, especially since his wounds had all heeled up more or le—

There was an indignant squawk from the Frenchman as a large hand roughly grabbed him by the back of his collar and yanked him off of the gurgling boy.

“Changed my mind,” came the low, raw voice. “Take your stuff and get out. Deal’s off, frog.”


Phew! That took a while! Now here comes the hard part!


Have fun in the meanwhile!