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Yeah. Like I said before, Engineer isn't a saint. He's just... a little better than most of the other mercenaries.

In >>15 he said he didn't want to stop living his life because of his new responsibilities of taking care of Scout. And he didn't. He got a little cocky and started doing all the things he was doing before Scout showed up (hinthint).

But, as he's probably seen now, it just doesn't work that way. You can't just kind of "half do" things and tell yourself, "Well, I did more than _____, so I'm totally good." At least not when you have someone like Spy on the loose.

He screwed up. Royally. In more ways than one. I mean, yeah, endangering Scout was really bad, but messing around when you have a wife and kid? That you actually care about? Repressed or not, that's kind of a dick move.

Anyways. Yeah, Engie messed up. But hopefully he'll redeem himself in the next chapter.