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I'm only posting because my captcha said "Psychodrama", and I felt that was a sign. sorry, guys - no update yet. I keep going back and nuking every other sentence. I feel like once I get started on the right foot it'll be a lot easier to get done.

Yeah - Engineer knew it from around his teenaged years, but understandably didn't want anyone to find out. At first, he could hide behind the guise of, "Oh, he's just a huge machinery geek - he doesn't know anything about women!", but eventually, when you get to be in your thirties or so, people start saying stuff like, "Wow, you haven't married YET? Well, my friend has a daughter - she's really young and pretty - you should really get to spend some time with her..." and on and on and on, so eventually, Engineer just gave up, and married her, even though he knew it wouldn't be much. I guess he just didn't expect to fall totally in love with his little girl.

I'm telling you all these spoilers because I'm too lazy to write the actual chapter in which Engie actually tells Spy Scout Heavy and Demo Soldier The Administrator SOMEONE his feelings and how he ended up doing what he done did do.