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Semi-improved version.

The silence that followed was deafening. There were some more gasps and retches from Scout, but Spy was too focused on defying his murderous impulses to really notice.

There was a cool exhale as Spy craned his neck backwards to gaze up at the short, stocky Texan. Engineer’s eyes were red and a little puffy, but had a steel like temper to them. Everything in his stance suggested a resolute state of mind – from the squaring of his shoulders to the way his jaw was set. This whole situation was quickly headed in the wrong direction.

“Need I remind you of the expected consequences if you do not let me ‘ave my way?” Spy asked as civilly as he could muster, even though his stabbing hand was itching for blood.

“Yeah, I know what ya told me, you slitherin’ snake,” Engineer hissed, fist clenching tighter.

“Your wife will leave you. You’ll never see your child again. You’ll be a disgrace to your entire ‘ometown. Zee black man and zee fat Russian will never speak to you again. I might even be able to get you demoted, with any luck.”

“I SAID I heard you before,” Engineer hissed, shaking Spy by the collar a little bit. “I know you’ll tell everybody my dirty secrets if I don’t let you act out your own, sick, twisted little desires. And you know what else?” he continued with a growl. “I deserve it.”

Spy blinked. Was the man insane?! “You… WHAT?!”

He tossed Spy roughly to the ground and huffed. “You fucking HEARD me. I deserve ‘xactly what I’m gettin’. They deserve it, too. To hear the truth. From ME.” A snarl. “But I’ll tell you what – Scout does NOT deserve what you’re doing to him. Not in the least. And I ain’t gonna let him suffer just because I’m too much of a coward to own up to my own mistakes.”

Spy hadn’t planned for this. He hadn’t planned for this! He tore himself away from Engineer’s grasp, and brushed himself off, finally tucking himself back into his pants. “It’s obvious zat I over-estimated your intelligence if you are truly willing to make such an idiotic decision,” he spat. “Whether I’m involved or not, zis boy will die. Soldier hasn’t forgotten ‘im – did you honestly t’ink he would? He’s only waiting for orders, and when zee order comes, zee boy will DIE!” A snarl. “You would really ruin your life – and zee lives of others – for a dead man walking?!”

“I sure as hell would, if it’s worth makin’ sure he has more of a respectable end than in your filthy chambers.”

“What about Demoman? And Heavy? You shared NAMES wiz zem, Laborer – zat’s strictly against policy. I could tell Soldier. He could get orders to dishonorably discharge you all!”
“Hmmm. Tell ya what. You DON’T tell Soldier about that, and I won’t kick your ass.” That was one thing Engineer didn’t regret and never would.

Spy forced himself to take a deep breath. “Engineer. T’ink about this. T’ink about your daughter. Could she really live ‘er life not knowing ‘er father? Is she to suffer because of YOUR mistake? Your lust? Your manipulation? Your lies?”

Engineer was grinding his teeth together and clenching his wrench tightly, but Spy continued. “Saving zis worthless boy isn’t going to change what you’ve done! You cannot be redeemed – zee best t’ing is to put it all behind you, and I’m willing to let you do that for zis one meaningless soul! Don’t be a hero, you idiotic fool – just give me what I want!”

Engineer lost it for a second. In a fever of blind rage, he hurled his wrench directly at Spy’s face. The Frenchman ducked just in time; the tool clanged harmlessly on the bars of the cage and slid under the bed.

Engineer wasn’t done, though. He grabbed Spy by the collar and planted his large fist directly in the center of Spy’s incredulous face. He repeated the process two or three more times and threw him to the ground.

“Get out,” he growled, shaking with rage. “I know what you’re up to, snake, and I’m not having any of it. You lost. As soon as I fess up for my mistakes and take the consequences that go along with ‘em, you’ve lost all yer leverage and I’ll still be takin’ care of the kid. Plain and simple.”

He raised his fist as if to strike Spy again, making the masked man flinch and shield himself with a hiss. A huff as Engineer straightened himself again.

“Get. Out. Don’t expect me to ask again.”

“You are a fool! A FOOL!” Spy raved madly, scrambling out of the door. “I’ll make sure you regret zis! I’ll make SURE of it!”

Engineer watched him go a second time, then sighed, and turned his attention to the shaking form still tied to the bed. His heart sank. What was there that he could say that would ease the damage already done?