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Wow, no that wasn't at all intentional, but I'm happy it played out so nicely!Truth be told, I was more invested in making sure the medical shit and Scout's reactions to everything that happened to him were accurate rather than worrying about Spy. I find it a little disturbing that I can apparently write terrible serial murderers/rapists with such ease...

Also, yes. In that brief moment of guilt, I wanted to show that, yes, Spy IS (or, maybe, WAS) a human being. Maybe a terrible, TERRIBLE fucking human being, but a human being all along. He has a conscience. It's just that he studiously ignores it because listening to his conscience has never paid off. He tries to pretend that he's an elegant gentleman that can simply hold himself in a fight, but all things considered, he's nothing but a hedonist.

He dresses nicely because he wants to look nice. He kills because it pays well. And he acts classy because he actually tends to care what other people think of him, even though he'd deny said fact up and down if you asked him.

But what happens when there is something more at stake than other people's perceptions of him?

The gloves come off.