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Adult Request Thread Pre-emptive Strike (0)

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Okay, the newer one has already started to auto-sage. It's currently still on the front page but it has fallen past the line where we'll have to start clicking All Threads in order to see it.

Here is the link to it and the ones before it. Lots of great requests still in these!

I'm going to repost the two most recent ones from the most recent thread.

I know this is mostly requests for new stuff, but I haven't been here in a while and I'm having trouble finding an old fanfic. It was Engie x You, started with ambiguous-gender-ness and then had two endings, one for M and one for F.


'Jawohl' is German for 'yes,' but it's used in a military situation when responding to a superior officer.

It's hard for even me to imagine these two having 100% happy consensual sex, but if someone con pull off something non-noncon, I'd be very happy.

Of course, any other pairing with Medic would be nice too. I just want him saying 'jawohl' in a sexual situation, really.

I second this one, btw. Also approve general consensual even if it's possibly angry or bitter or just disturbing.

One of mine that I liked
Oh, earlier today I thought of THE best AU EVER! Soldier is a dedicated postal worker delivering the mail (maybe Mann Co. packages) to all the TF2 guys in their ordinary daily lives. They might still be mercenaries but this probably doesn't directly involve RED or BLU bases. Soldier is naturally very determined too. Nothing will stand in his way! Not even Saxton Hale! Should end with weary Soldier either happily going home to snuggle and fuck class of choice or perhaps class of choice takes an interest after talking to him during previous deliveries and invites him in after a lot of debate with self. You know you want this. Yes, you do.

And a new one from me. A friend recently introduced me to this song. I think this would make an amazing Jane/Tavish fanfic.

Normally I want them back together and preferably with sex but it would be amazing if they were basically so angry and bitter that their enthusiasm turned dark but obsessively vicious towards all and sundry. Would also work fine for any other pairings but that's what I thought of at first. Link contains song and lyrics.