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I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

I can see what you mean. She is different enough that she can be counted as an OC. (To be honest, Soldier is fairly different as well but I'm too enamored with the plot and the different personality to care at this point. It might make me a horrible person but at least I'm enjoying it.)

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me.

Are you sure? I'm doing my best to make my genderbend the RED Soldier that we see in Meet the Soldier and the comics, a woman not to change her but to show how the team's reactions to her change when she tries to engage in the same annoying trends of yelling at people and attempting to force them into meetings or drills. She's not particularly feminine either (exact same outfit, crew cut, features almost exactly the same), and in her forties besides, so most of the team doesn't view her as sexy. She's simply an annoying "old" woman.

But if you're not interested, that's fine. If you would still be willing to give any constructive criticism though, I'm desperately whoring myself out for it. Most of the people who respond go "I liked it" and I'm all "Okay, suggestions for improvement please?" D:

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

I read it myself and enjoyed it for the most part. To each their own, though. The person who said they were writing the Solly/Spy prompt seems to be keeping it to themselves until they finish it, so it'll probably arrive whole and complete when they do post it.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.

I'm all for that. However, my personal POV of Soldier is that he's too socially awkward to successfully woo someone so he tends to wait until someone makes the first move. That's how I usually view him though, no matter what kind of details I've elaborated into his personality. So, I have no problem with Soldier being dominant, submissive, or anything else in bed but I have a hard time seeing him as directly initiating without fucking it up royally or at least not going about it very sensibly. Which could be hilarious and I do love humor in my porn, admittedly.

I've also rarely seen an openly gay/bi Soldier myself. I suspect it's because his character is potentially very religious or patriotic or otherwise culturally inundated with "American" values, so most people assume he's either repressed or had no idea before. (The reason people make Spy openly gay/bi is because, while still partially discriminated against, it was more openly recognized and somewhat legal in France as well as a few other European countries.) I have no problem with it but Soldier would have to recognize his desires, get over or completely avoid any possible inhibitions, and manage to discuss something that doesn't involve guns, haircuts, or pushups.

Not impossible but a lot harder given that he's very stubborn and he's officially middle-aged, so potentially less flexible (and yes, he'd probably have to be middle-aged to fight in WW2. Even if he wasn't precisely eighteen at the time he tried to join the military, he'd still be early forties at the most logical. Anything much younger and he's going to Europe on the verge of puberty, which is a lot harder to accept without some really good writing. Might get away with it by suggesting he didn't enter Poland until the War had already ended. Personally, I prefer to think he at least made it there during some of the actual War and was a teenager who had already gone through most of puberty at the time.)

Err, but I went off on a tangent. So, uh, it just takes a little more effort making Soldier forward. Unless, of course, it's pure PWP or the writer has a fantastic and reasonable way around it. I'd be happy to read it, don't get me wrong. I'm simply turning it over in my head and not figuring out quite how I'd end up writing it, if I tried. I suppose there's always KGBigelow's approach but, even in Fun Time with Helmuts, Soldier didn't become open about it until after it happened and technically never initiated anything.

Frankly, I remember seeing those hilarious pictures, where someone photoshops a disapproving Soldier into an ordinary TF2 porn pic. I'd wondered recently if maybe it was possible he was disapproving because he was jealous (which struck me as being even funnier at the time.)

... I keep trying to figure something out. I have too many stories as is. I'm hoping I don't figure something out. D:

If you have any thoughts on what would make a forward Soldier happen or how it might work out in his favor (maybe Spy finds it cute that he's awkward or weird or too direct?) or any specific plot ideas then I might be bitten by inspiration. And that would force me to add it into my collection of Works in Progress that might be finished some day. I have a sense of something stirring in the back of my mind but it's nothing as yet. I'm still grasping at straws for something tangible.

I'd like some Medic/Soldier too. Preferably something related to Medic having Spy's head in his fridge and Soldiers crazy head collection.

I agree with both of your sentiments. This idea especially! I am so trying not to write anything else though! Not to mention, the only thing that comes to mind is this conversation.

"So, have you ever fucked those heads you collect?"

"EW! I would never touch my troops that way!"

"Is it because of the decomposition? Because I have a solution for that."

"I know I'm going to regret this but... proceed!"



Seconded so hard! I LOVE all pairings and I'm eager to see any of them with obscenely passionate love. That said, what are the "standard" pairings beyond the two you mentioned? I'm not sure what the utter go-to pairings for anyone else are.

Why not Demo and Pyro bonding over the smell of cordite and hot metal?

I'm not sure what cordite is, too lazy to look it up, but I would totally love to see that. It sounds fun.

Maybe some tender Engie/Medic topping with bonus fucking machines?

I suggested back in the most recent pairing the idea of coming my idea for Engie inventing a fucking machine with some of the other ideas others suggested: Engie and Medic engaging in the use of SCIENCE! for seductive measures and something else I don't recall (might have been the Engie invention rivalry.)

Incidentally, for >>6 and >>8 there's one on the next to last page that I think might already fit your criteria, to some extent. Crappy name and semi-crappy formatting but fantastic writing with a bittersweet ending (also longer than the initial three chapters the story thought it was going to be.) I really enjoyed it at least.