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Well, a couple of personal fetishes...

Sideburns. They're like handles... on the guys face.
... I want someone to grab the Sniper's sideburns before/during/after sex.

Half-dressed. A class is in the middle of getting undressed, when they are jumped by another class. A half-taken off shirt is used as bondage, Pants hardly touched.

Clothes. Textures, warmth, everything. I imagine the spy having this.
He convinces the base to have a fashion show. And he designs the outfits. (just, imagine him a diva-like director. With sunglasses.) He works his models mercilessly, and gets off during the fashion show.

I once misread a fic, and I imagined Spy having sex with sniper's hair. I can't get it out of my head.

Oh yes. Just... goggles and restraints and strange guns...