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I might do that eventually. I've wanted to write Engineer/Spy for a little while but nothing has grabbed me precisely, beyond someone else's suggestion for spanking. Though even that I'm feeling a little tentative because I have an idea for where I can use it in a story already but I sort of want to do a sweeter version too. Eh. No clear thoughts anyway so nothing written yet. I like the idea though I'm not sure if I'd swap Spies or not.

Honestly? One of these days I'm going to have written Solly with each class and Engie with each class. And then maybe a You. I'm well on my way to most of those, if I finish more of them. D:

>>137 That was me. What you two have written has been better.

>>138 Dunno. I think someone was writing a RED Medic/BLU Spy/BLU Spy's head but it was never finished. Wish you luck on that. I admire the idea but for some reason it does little for me. I suppose that might change if someone wrote it.


Oh, shit. Thank you. I was thinking titanium but I had no design for a ring precisely. I may have to use this for the story of Engie/wife once I get around to writing more.