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>>12 Hello there Dove

(Self confessed voracious-reader newbie who doesn't really know how chans work but is willing to learn and is encouraged by getting an actual reply - Hi there!)

I've seen quite a bit of the Soldier/Engie "helmetparty" stuff, and some Engie/Sniper. I'm amused by that last. Two laid-back guys for whom precision in the workplace is the norm (wrench swinging aside) do seem to fit together, don't they?

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

Oh yes. Cordite (according to Wikipedia) was invented in 1899 to replace black powder for a smokeless substitute propellant.

I just lovelovelove obscenely passionate (as well as obscene passion) fic. It's probably the one place where my intellectual and hormonal erogenous zones overlap. Pretty please..?

Thanks for that Engie/Medic recommendation. It was sweet and I liked it.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?