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This is way too demanding to get filled, but I might as well throw it out there.

We all know how BLU team has a bunch of Soldiers instead of just one, so what if this applies to the other classes too? More than one Spy, more than one Demo, etc? I'm pretty sure I saw two BLU Medics in "Meet the Soldier" (assuming that the second one wasn't a disguised Spy).

Anyway, here's the request: A same-faction BLU Sniper and Spy are in a relationship, then one fine day the Sniper mistakes a different BLU Spy for his one and flirts with him. The second Spy is new and has no idea what's going on but goes along with it. Later on the original Spy walks in on (or purposely interrupts) them during sex, much to Sniper's bemusement.

Whether drama and/or a threesome ensues is up to the writer.