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I have made files of all the prompts I intend to write at some point; from this thread and the one prior to it (including some of my own.) Most of them will be vignettes around certain themes. (I haven't forgotten your original request that I said I'd do Mus; it's in there too. These are all my future plans.) I'm not struggling with writer's block so much as it is... eh. I don't even know. But I intend to write up the vignettes here and there, as they come to me, and eventually post them when a theme's full set is done. I'm hoping bite-sized things will get me going, help me improve, make me consider other options. Something like that.

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It will be Soldier because when I want humor, that is my go to guy. Not only will she have an easy time kidnapping him, but they're going to force him to wear a princess ballgown while he fucks because damn it, he gave her tips on how to tie the knots (even though Ms. Pauling did appreciate that.) It'll be hotter than it sounds, I hope. I'm actually combining this with another prompt, that's why it's a tad weird.

Cataloged. It will be combined with a few other prompts. I'm thinking it breaks off into Heavy/Engie and Soldier/Medic, Soldier/Demo, and/or possibly Soldier/Medic/Demo. Not entirely sure. Medic is weird in that I've seen so much of "Medic abusing another class" that it's kind of turned me off him with anyone, even though I still think he's hot (and have no problems with him doing weird, sexual experiments on his team mates, as long as it's consensual.)


Challenge accepted. When I finally write it, I plan on making it a Pyro watching an enemy Heavy who's watching Pyro's team's Engie. Not sure if it'll be Pyro's POV or Heavy's POV. Sneaking around Heavy, peering in windows, for the win!


It's a voodoo doll... yet that logic makes perfect sense coming from a Soldier. Seconded.