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Oh boy that was a hard one to do though, and I don't think I got it off all too convincingly. But its there now, and short of some heavy re-edits *shrugs*


Millia, Im going to say that I find this premise intriguing. Hmmmm maybe I should take a pot shot at it. Though, it does look long. And I mean *loooong*

I would say though, the whole idea that Scout thinks Spy is taking his fathers place but the Spy doesn't want it would be good too. Or abusive father would work - he gets beaten up by the Spy all day and doesn't want to have to come home to it. Oooh dramatic cut scene...

Or that Spy is really his father and left his mother to work, only being back at night to pleasure her. So Scout thinks that he is a fatherless child. OK, yeah, I will be taking this as well to have some fun with it. Might not end up like that though. FOr some reason, however, I want to make it Red Scout Ma - it tickles the funny bone a little bit.

Otherwise, I shall find an obscure kink and put them into it. For the hell of it.