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All my love. The second suggestion, particularly with an unsympathetic Soldier, makes me happy. Even if that's not the pairing, that random comment if his was fantastic. I'm gonna be addin' mo' shit to my "to do" pile...

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Hrmm... I love the choice of Spy and Soldier a lot better. However, I almost want it to be a dare rather than a body-swap (even though Solly being cursed by Merasmus is absolutely plausible.) The idea of Soldier in his own body, trying to be a Spy, reminds me of this picture.


Admittedly, it'd be funnier if they had to use each other's weapons instead, regardless of which body they're in. Mostly it was just the idea of Solly in a suit, running around and fucking up his stealth by yelling at people or thinking he's hidden when he really isn't, and Spy putting on a French uniform and yelling en garde as he engages in sword play. Plus, the idea of Solly wearing a derby on top of his helmet just flat out kills me. That's his modest pile of hat, good sir.

Might have to add this too. Dagnabbit.