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First request here, I hope I'm doing this right. If someone can do this I will be eternally grateful.

Spy/Sniper/ScootMa - I like threesomes, what can I say?

Spy and ScoutMa are together. ScoutMa is intrigued by tales of Spy's adventurous sexual past and bisexuality and decides she'd like to see what it's like having two men in her bed at once. Spy is all too happy to oblige; anything for his petit-chou-fleur.

Sniper has caught himself having decidedly impure thoughts about other guys and decided that that + his history of striking out spectacularly with women must just mean that he's a big ol' fag (not just an awkward, loner bisexual bushman) and doomed to be outcast and alone because it's 1968. Because I assume if trying to figure out your sexuality today is still complicated, it must have been hell during TF2's era. I also like the idea of Sniper that is totally laid back and confident about all things outdoors, fighting, and shooting shit, but absolute rubbish at intimate social interaction. I'm lame like that.

Everyone has tons of hot sexy fun with everyone. How Spy and ScoutMa lure Sniper into bed is up to you.