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I stumbled on the answer to a more foreward, relatively realistic Soldier. I guess it's just hilarity to no end. I approve but I fear I could never do it justice. The below is Soldier/Scout instead of Soldier/Spy but it is fucking hilarious and I so want to see that kind of Soldier initiating and trying to get Spy to fuck him.


Also, this could be a great prompt for the Soldier initiating idea that I found in one of the older request threads.

Dr. Scuffles

So, weird request ahead. A soldier/spy- could be a one shot, could be a longer piece, whatever you happen to choose. The stipulation is that at some point, Soldier macks on Spy, narrating each step of the process as if he's slowly taking towns in the Dday invasion, ending (of course) with the 'liberation of Paris'. I prefer team RED but it doesn't really matter.


Hi! You're welcome, far as the recommendation goes.

I guess the big three pairings overall are Heavy/Medic, Spy/Sniper, and Soldier/Engineer. Everything else is either secondary or tertiary (the tertiary being the ones almost never seen or never really done before.) Truth be told, I like them all, but I get tired of the first two major pairings a little more easily than I do the last major pairing.

I don't know why more Demo or Pyro pairing fics aren't out there. Perhaps the complexity of writing the various speech patterns scares off potential writers?

I mean, it's canon that Demo is terribly hard-working (cf. the comic where his mum calls him lazy for working a mere three jobs). He can't be the boozed incompetent he is often depicted as; wouldn't he pursue a romantic affair with the same dogged energy?

I think the problem is less the accents, though that is always an awkward issue to get a handle on. For Demo, it's that he has some very different canon representations. There's the drunk off his ass in the game and then there's the partially drunk, angry man in Meet the Demo. Then there's the WAR! comic which presents him as a very loyal, sweet, sober person. It's nowhere near impossible but it is awkward trying to roll all of that into one very complex person. For that reason, unless the story focuses on him at some point, I think that's why he tends to take a back seat.

Not to mention, the whole thing about racism in 1968, which is generally awkward. Most people understandably don't want to touch it with a ten-foot pole as it could quickly derail a plot if introduced. So people either tow the line at realism or ignore it. Some of them may decide to just avoid the whole issue altogether by ignoring Demo. That's my hypothesis anyway.

As for Pyro, that's more of a lack of knowledge issue. Because we know very little about Pyro, unless the story discloses very little about what Pyro is like, Pyro is essentially an OC. Also because we know so little, some people have a very precise way they view Pyro and may or may not enjoy their head canon being disrupted. So, again, I think most people avoid the issue by letting Pyro fade into the background or ignoring him/her outright.

PS. How does one get access to the rest of Tf2chan anyway? I find myself able to read but that's it. Should I email a mod?

What do you mean? Response boxes on all other threads are at the top. And at the very top of TF2 chan are links to the main channels but if you just type in tf2chan.net it'll take you to the main page with every link available.


I intended to have something similar happen in Hunting the Hunter. Might write it as a separate story sometime. Don't know. Either way, I heartily approve and recommend others go for it as well. My idea was a camping trip up north, complete with cabins, and Spy invited Sniper to show up, which he does, and Spy booked a cabin with Scout Ma.


I gave a suggestion for what the plot should be in the last thread. I didn't feel like writing it though.


OMFG! Someone write the story behind that picture. RIGHT NOW. I demand it! Please give me that... Dr. Strangelove joke is applicable and desired.

Holy fuck, I shouldn't have started digging through one of the older request threads. This one I'm reposting because for some reason it really appeals to me. Great idea for really random pairings?


Everyone on the team needs release because of how long they've been out there. So solider puts everyone's name in a hat and they all draw names. Between who ever you want.

I have some more ideas as well, partially inspired by one of my prior requests and partially inspired by the other request thread. I'll always have some dumb shit to ask for.

I really want awkward, friendly Engineer who is having a bad day and has been pushed to his limits so he is beyond cranky but not quite evil. He blows up at the people on his team who have been annoying him to no end and he's just had all that he can take.

So he goes to stew in his workshop or his room. Enter Engie's lover, class of choice, who offers foot rubs, back rubs, and kisses as well as anything else to relieve stress. Break him down and build him back up. Also fine if Engie feels better but still isn't entirely happy afterwards and can't fully get over it until he's fallen asleep. Now at least he can fall asleep.

Also, idea. Evil!Engie kidnaps opposite team Sweet!Engie and rapes him or gets another team member (or machines or toys) to rape him. Poor Sweet!Engie needs cuddles and non-sex comfort from someone he loves and trusts after that.

Also also, idea. Spy sapping sentry is treated as if Spy is raping the sentry and Engie acts as if it is his child or other family member (or wife, if you want him to have been fucking it) and tries to rescue the poor thing. Then he tries comforting sentry after dispatching Spy. Like, he takes it back to base real gentle and sets it up just right in workshop and doesn't hit it with wrench, no no. Shhh. Is a good sentry. It's not your fault nasty Spy sapped you, no no. D: