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I had a sudden additional thought. What if the teams tried to coax Merasmus into being their liaison to get the Horseless Headless Horseman and the other Halloween bosses in a fight versus Nicholas Crowder? Merasmus could be pissed off about it and ultimately says he'll only help if they meet his demands regarding something sexual. They deem his request unreasonable at first until the real panic sets in, then they agree. Could have some awesome battles and sex?

Sorry, I've just become an utter Merasmus whore. I blame that on Oglaf, for coloring my perception of magicians (and pretty much anything else fantasy related) forever. Plus the idea of big boss fights amuses me.


You never know. Any of them could be interested. It depends on if the character is written as truly caring about him, that's all that matters. I like the idea in general and both pairings regardless.


I approve both of these things. C: