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I have now! And while it was hilarious, I can't imagine Soldier being a vegan. Vegatable-loving Soldier of any sort I can handle (Jane probably loves tomatoes, given the BBQ and soup, and might love other veggies; my own head canon is he's a farmer's son so he eats tomatoes raw and out of simple anger and sympathy tries to take care of BLU Medic's poor, dying, neglected house plants in Medic's office) but I wouldn't go so far as vegan. I mean, Soldier is extreme, granted. He could go that way but I'd prefer just vegetarian at best. Besides, the fact that Merasmus had to ask who brought the veggie platter, when he knew his roomie was there (and probably knows his eating habits, even if they both try to avoid the dishes), would suggest Soldier didn't bring it (but might have approved of it.) Unless he was just trying to be a dick, which is also possible.

I'm kinda confused though. I thought the official Demo page says he lost his eye (or at least the use of his eye) trying to destroy the Loch Ness monster? So was his story simply exaggerated or was it all true? Also, I don't think I've ever seen Heavy speak in third person before.

(I'm also kind of disappointed they didn't get Makani to draw the newest comic. Not that little Demo wasn't cute as all get-out but this artist isn't as awesome, IMHO.)

I am amused that every time they explain something supernatural it's because Soldier angered a wizard (which I never knew before but it's the best answer ever!) That part of this comic I am totally down with. I love the idea that Soldier is basically a weirdness magnet so that everything bizarre, supernatural, or otherwise alien is drawn to him at all times, no matter his location.

I do wonder where he got the kids from. They seemed okay with it so I don't think he kidnapped them. I think someone was desperate and suckered him into a babysitting job or paid him to take their kids trick or treating.

I now request porn where RED Soldier brings someone home to his apartment, preferably class but anyone really, and tries to get Merasmus to temporarily leave (out to a movie, whatever excuses) so he can have sex with his date. Naturally, Merasmus is hard-headed and possibly angry.