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Thirded, but ALSO combined with an idea I saw in one of the other request threads (don't know if it was in afanfic or fanfic) of a sock-racing contest. If I recall, the idea was something along the lines of Pyro vs Scout then Soldier and Demo joining in, Sniper knitting the perfect racing sock and Engie calculating friction factors and ideal material of construction and other engineery things and then Scout injures himself (probably Spy trips him for the hon hon hons) and Medic doesn't heal him because how else will he learn? But then I imagine Heavy would feel bad and help Scout out so then of course Medic would have to relent.

I hope this idea isn't too dumb. Capital D colon ahh.

But I am with you on team spirit/cameraderie. I've seen a lo tof Spy being made out to be the cruel manipulative bastard or Soldier being a bigoted asshole and it makes me sad, so teamlove sounds FAB to me.