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Having a sci-fi-gasam over here, I'm so tempted to take out my model ships and pretend the whole story is taking place at my fingertips.

Hey, since so many of you guys like that idea, why don't we start an art project? Just illustrating some of the spaceships and weaponry they might use, and perhaps including alien heratige for some characters. I have an old TF2/ST crossover project I never finished, maybe those types of things could be there too?

Oh well. This isn't the place for images. I personally, would love to see a sci-fi fic, no matter how cheesy. In fact, cheesy = good. You want one magic compound that powers everything? Go ahead. A forcefeild that regenerates without consuming vast amounts of energy or time? A-O-Kay. Respawn? Nah, that's too cheesy. Try something like super-entities that can bring back the dead.
[/sarcasm], in case Captain Obvious doesn't show up.

Also, >>336 I love your first idea as well. Someone go through with this!