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Ladies and gentlemen, I have an odd request, that I would not be surprised if goes unfilled.

So far you guys have tackled just about every perversion under the sun. Necro, robot, shitting, pissing, surgery, even CIRCUMCISION, tentacles,homosexual and heterosexual kinks of all stripes and levels of consensual and non-consensual sex that are limited only by the imagination.

Could someone write a 'size' fic?

The world of 'size' is generally reserved for pig-disgusting giantess fans, who are more concerned with pissing on an entire city then the much more subtle themes of control and domination associated with size play. Gay (or at least, SANE) size material is very hard to come by.

Re-spawn malfunction, Engineer gone mad, Medic gone crazy, I don't care. Whatever pairing you prefer is perfectly fine. If you make a size TF2 fic happen, with sexy times, I will love you for all time.

All time, can you imagine.