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So, I usually don't like requesting because I feel bad for being a shitty writer and not being able to contribute as much as I'd like, but I've got this one idea I would NOT be able to do justice to, and I know there are some people out there in this fandom twisted enough to execute it. Anyways. (Also, if you squick easily, you might not want to read my idea.)

The idea:

Degloving. It doesn't necessarily have to be of the hand, though I do have a thing for hands. (tried to write a pyro/soldier one about a hand obsession that got creepy. finished product ended badly) I don't care which classes are involved, though I tend to like more unusual pairings (again, not nessecary). Also, I don't care if the degloving happens because the person has died and several days of humid exposure has cause the skin to slough off of the flesh, if someone is really skilled with a knife and skinning, or by some other means. So long as skin is removed, resembles what it was removed from, and something is done with it. No guro restrictions; feel free to go all out. Adding elements is more than welcome. If I can't tell if I should be horrified or aroused at the end there is no better result.

Thank you for reading.