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Anon 2 here.

I've read Butterfly Knife, and I do like it, but personally I don't consider it Soldier/Spy, I think of it as Soldier/OC.

Genderbent characters, even when they are genuinely well-developed and interesting, just don't count as the "real" characters to me. And the female Spy in Butterfly Knife in particular is not even simply a 63 version of Spy (like the female Spy in Entire Team Is Ladies), but rather a wholly different character with her own backstory that is heavily built upon her gender (she murdered her lovers because they wanted her to be a good little wifey, was never treated with any respect despite her efforts in the war, was forced to join the team against her will as a result of that).

As for Our Duty As Men, that one if unfinished, and it doesn't seem like it will be continued. I'd read anything with the pairing, but it should at least be something whole.

In any case, if possible, I'd much prefer the fic to be Soldier/Spy, not Spy/Soldier.

The difference may seem ridiculously trivial, but the thing is, I've read COUNTLESS fics where Spy is the pursuer, the initiatior, the one who is openly gay/bi and actively trying to get into the other person's pants... I'd find it much more interesting if SOLDIER was the one who, for whatever reason, wants to fuck Spy.