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I find that very adorable. It reminds me of one of the stories in Anne's request thread (I think) following the incident in Mercy where Medic was killed by an explosion hurling a can of green beans through his skull. In other words, yes, we need more of this.


... Is it wrong of me to approve of this entirely (including the fucking machine threesome) but with the added notion that the woman was REALLY hoping those two would find out because she wanted to screw them all along? So the bribe actually gives her an excuse not to feel slutty (vaguely) and they can't tell anyone else or what's the point of getting more bribes from her? I would also prefer this as a You and etc. with no explicit class or anything else.

Yeah, I'm all kinds of stupidly fucked up.

I swear I'll shut up for a day, one of these days.