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Quite honestly, I get the feeling that there isn't enough Same-Class-cest out there. Perhaps a fic where each class is secretly screwing their counterpart?

And... Sniper. Drugged, trussed up like a present and left upon various class's metaphorical front doorsteps. (Extra happiness if this is spy's revenge.)

Last but not least....
One of the classes managed to steal a magical book off of the Wizard (the one that sent them back in time for that one map) And, surprise, surprise, it turns out to be a spell book completely devoted to Erotica. Peeping-tom spells, libido spells, love spells, fuck-each-other senseless spells, summoning of fetish gear, summoning horny tentaspies, magical bondage, and everything else. It's all in the book. The class starts off with a few simple spells and rapidly builds up confidence. Then, they unleash an orgy. Possibly including both teams.