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Okay, I have Scout torture request, except with a little twist:
They are not actually interrogating Scout, but using him to psychologically break down another prisoner(s?) that they also have in captivity (maybe Sniper or Spy or someone similar).
So the main plot idea would be that the opposing team captures these two together and decide that the above would be the best course of action considering the former's supposed training in torture resistance, or maybe someone in particular on the opposing team is feeling rather sadistic towards Scout (classic Spy anyone?). The two would be held in the same room, but bound to keep them apart, and Scout is taken to another room periodically to be tortured then taken back so the other teammate has to deal with seeing the repercussions.
So I guess this will be a sort of hurt/comfort genre? And since this is afanfic: sex it up, I don't care what you do (especially the torture parts but preferably not too rushed). It would really make my day if someone filled this: I never see enough of this type of thing.