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Okay, I've had this in mind ever since "Repression" was starting to be written, and that has all the trappings of what could become a revenge-horror story. (It's right here if you want to see what I mean:http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/6497.html) But in short, it's a story where the entire team is radically homophobic, sans Medic, who is the homo in question. They harass him, mock him, and do everything short of physical violence to him, and because of Friendly Fire prevention, he can't make them shut up and they can pester him as they please without killing him.

Now, it's not finished and probably abandoned at this point, but I want to see it go to the extreme: since the Demoman in that story seems to want to do it, he manages through mob mentality to get the team to gang-rape the Medic with any sort of blunt--and/or sharp--object they can find and utterly break him. They also coerce the Heavy to join in, for the sole purpose of that he's the reason the Medic was outed.

After this horrible event, the Medic snaps and searches for a way to disable the Friendly Fire system and turn Respawn off--when he does, he goes on a revenge killing spree straight out of "I Spit On Your Grave", offing them in the order of who slighted him the worst (Demoman being up in the top since he's the one who initiated the gang-rape), saving Heavy for last. Who he probably does psychological horrors to for days, possibly weeks before he finally kills him...or worse, keeps his head alive to take with him in his deranged idea of a "happy ending".

I'm not a huge fan of gory dark horror, but that situation demanded it. I want to see that team get axes or knives or something sharp plunged into their crotches.