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Alright, due to a strange thought process I've been having for the past couple of hours (won't get into that too much. All I'll say is that is has something to do with The Hunchback of Notre Dame), I've given myself a burning need for the pairing.

Gray Mann/Engineer.

As for a prompt well, here's an idea. Gray wants Engineer to join him (both partnership wise and sexual wise). While the idea of the machines are tempting, his answer is a firm "nope", perhaps because he's not willing to turn on his team and/or he's slightly creeped out by the +100-year-old man making sexual advances toward him. Well, Gray is the type of man that if he wants something, he does everything in his power to get it, be it bribery, blackmail, or, if all else fails, abduction.

Make me proud, guys.