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Just typed this up. Not revised or anything, but quite honestly I'm hard and I figured I'd just post this for now. A revised version plus an account of another "incident" will come soon. Critique very welcome.


The whole thing started when, out of nowhere, Demo started masturbating in the mess hall. He was probably drunk, sittin' there and yankin' his doodle like no one was in the room. Strangely, it wasn't repulsive. There was something sexy about the way his eye rolled back, how he groaned, the desperation in his strokes.

Soon enough, Scout, who had been watching along with Sniper and Engie, pulled out his dick as well. The other two men exchanged a glance, but then turned their eyes to the boy's erection. Scout closed his eyes and started pumping.

Engineer palmed his own bulge through his jeans, looking between the two masturbating men. Sniper bit his lip as he watched Scout.

"C'mere, boy," beckoned Demo. He had slowed his rythym down to a crawl. Scout got up. He didn't stop wanking as Demo urged him down to his knees. The Scotsman pushed Scout's head down and he moaned when his dick was enveloped by the boy's mouth.

"I-I gotta go take a piss," Sniper dashed out into the hall.

Nobody talked about what happened in the mess hall. At least, not out in the open. But what they did do out in the open after that was... more interesting than talk.