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Hey, first draft of first chapter of amputee!Scout fic. Also has a hint of sociopath!Engie that I saw in this thread, but just a dash. Crit greatly appreciated. I'll post this in it's own thread after it's been revised.


The first day with the new Scout was almost unbearable.

The guy had transferred in at 6 in the morning. He was tired, cranky, and acted like a child. The previous Scout, who had left the base at twenty-two hundred hours last night, had not been any less annoying, but for some reason the team felt cheated. They had hoped for at least a grown man. Or a woman, for Pete's sake.

The new Scout seemed nervous on the battlefield. The first time Dell saw him coming out of Respawn, the kid was shaking... almost on the verge of tears.

Maybe the team shouldn't be too disapponted; he sure acted like a woman.

Engineer had been watching the Scout when the sentry he was working on turned to shoot. The sudden movement snagged his Gunslinger at a bad angle; it seemed that a whole section was totally crushed.

He was able to use his wrench to repair the somewhat damaged sentry, but his Gunslinger needed special attention in his workshop. The Engineer got to work on it as soon as the battle was over. The damage wasn't as bad as he had thought, but he was still late to dinner. He slipped his glove over it and walked to the mess hall.

Dell was surprised to see the new Scout sitting all by his lonesome. Then again, considering how bad the boy had stunk up the battlefield, it was understandable the other guys were ignoring him.

Puerile, but understandable.

Once he had loaded his tray up, Engie sat himself at Scout's table. He didn't sit right across from him, nor right next to him; a comfortable 80° arc was formed by points E and S on circle T.

"The name's Dell." He extended his right hand to the Scout. The boy, who had been playing with his green beans, was startled at first. He forced a smile and shook the Engineer's hand.

"You can call me Scout. Just Scout," he said. Unsure of what to say next, he returned to messing with his food. It looked like he hadn't eaten a bite. Poor kid was shy as a crocus.

"Noticed yer dog tags."

Scout's hand snaked up to grasp the little metal plates of his own accord.

"You look a bit young to've served."

"I'm 20."

Dell, even though he thought 20 was still young, took the cue to shut up. They sat in silence for a while, letting the noise from their teammates fill the air. Scout cleared his throat.

"So... What's the deal with this place, anyway?" Scout looked at Engineer, eyes flickered to his food and back before he decided to keep them on the Texan. The boy's Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed.

"What do you mean?" Dell asked. Scout shrugged. "Why we're fightin'? Why us?" Engie gave a little smile. "All I know," he said, taking a sip of beer, "is that the pay is good."

"Well, you're a fuckin' engineer. Your pay would be good anywhere." There was a hint of resentment in Scout's voice. Dell chuckled.

"You'd think so."

This time the quiet was much louder. Most everyone had filtered out of the mess hall. The rustling of Medic's textbook pages, Pyro's muffled laughter, the tap of Sniper's ceramic coffee mug on wood only seemed to amplify the silence. Scout, who had only eaten roughly 1.7% of his food, got up and began to clear his place.

"See you on the field.

"It's a Sunday, Scout. I'll see you at breakfast."