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Hi there!

Ok, first, I'll be honest - this isn't a completely original request, I was on the tumblr FragDenMedic when I had the idea. But I hope that won't put people off.

Anyway here goes. I hope it makes sense, 'cause I've never been too good at writing my ideas down:

Blu Spy manages to get out of his head-in-Red-Medic's-fridge situation. He's human again - and he is NOT happy. Y'see, he'd been in the fridge so long, he's been replaced on his team so he can't go back, his company account has been frozen so he can't withdraw any money, and his family believe he is dead. So he deals with his anger and stress in his own way...he kidnaps Red Medic, leaves him bound and gagged in an abandoned part of the Red base, and takes his place on the team. He then slowly starts ruining Medic's reputation with the team - y'know the sort of thing, hurting the Medic's doves, being a jerk - but mostly he sets about ruining the relationship between Medic and Red Heavy, which is less difficult than one would imagine - mainly because Medic and Heavy had an argument before Medic was kidnapped unbeknownst to anyone else, although Medic was planning to apologise later. Also, Blu Spy sneaks into the abandoned part of the base every now and then to beat up on the Medic (and he may or may not rape him, that's up to whoever accepts this request).

Now, before anyone asks, everybody notices the change in "Medic's" personality, but considering how sadistic he can be, they decide to steer clear of him for a while. As for Heavy, he's confused and rather hurt by it all, and it cumliates when "Medic" breaks up with him in a VERY horrible way, breaking the Russian's heart. But don't get depressed, there's ultimately a happy ending, with Heavy discovering what's going on, rescuing his beloved German, and Blu Spy getting what's coming to him.

Well, I hope this is accepted. Oh, before I forget, this is probably obvious, but- the story perspective switches between Blu Spy, Red Medic and Red Heavy.