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I love you for suggesting this. Especially the magic sex book. I'm a geeky IRL RPGer and though I never RPed anything like that, there were a couple of RP books out there for it. They always amused me.

I suggest for the trussed up Sniper, as Spy's revenge, that he be left on Heavy's or Demo's metaphorical doorstep.

I approve! But I want to add, maybe they break up since Solly's asking for a roomie? Or maybe they need more rent money and when the other class moves in is when the reader discovers their relationship.

Dude, we need a threesome of RED Soldier, Merasmus, and an alien related to that one update where he got sci-fi gear!


You have given me a great idea. Thank you! I am intending to write three short vignettes based on one of my own prompts as an exercise in writing something short but evocative. This will help me with the idea for one of them. It's gonna be Engie btw.


I've been wanting a lot of this lately! So much. I second it and I may even write it properly someday. For right now, would you accept a short reversal? Engie's had a super bad week/month, comes home wound up, and his wife helps him unwind? I wasn't planning actual sex but maybe I shall include that. It's going to be very short, as the nicest story in a three part vignette circling around the theme of Engie hurt/comfort.

I think it's funny but Engie really is the guy I most easily see as being gay, bi, or straight with nothing to constrain him to any specific one outside the story itself. (I automatically write everybody as bisexual, unless I'm aiming intentionally for straight or gay and even then I tend to lapse into bi. I can't help it.)


I could write that. I already had a Scout family made at one point, for HtH, and I thought about Scout Ma being kind of fucked up (having kids young and bad decisions from there) and also a bit "gonna change the world" villainous out to break-up the RED/BLU monopoly on government yeah. My Scout's already kind of fucked up from his oldest biological brother being how he is. Not sure I should inflict incest on him... but what are writers for? Hah hah. No, seriously, not any time soon. I am working on way too much shit and if I start writing another semi-AU of HtH I might as well slog away at HtH instead.

If anyone wants to write that before me, dive in. I'd suggest, unless you have awesome ideas for brothers, to focus on Scout.

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Fourthed! I like the idea of the Medics not knowing what's going on and tripping balls too!


I wish I could help. I don't know it. I would love to read it when you find it, though. |:

Hey, if anyone knows where most of Lolo's stuff is, perhaps she wrote it? She seems to have written a lot of class x you stuff. I'm guessing based on skimming the class x you thread here and an older request thread.