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I have a big thing for breeding, so I'd like to see more of it.
Preferably with at least one party intending on that ending. (like, say the top intends to pull out, but the bottom locks their ankles around the other's hips before they can)

My personal favorite is when they plan to pull out, but the top gets so into it that they 'forget'. "Ugh, I told you not to!" "Oops, haha, too late!" But with the bottom feeling that, like, it's not the end of the world because the top didn't pull out, it's just annoying.

That's just a suggestion, of course.

No pairing in mind (preferably not sniper/spy or heavy/medic, but I won't forbid you), and of course threesomes or moresomes would be more than okay.

Basically I just want cum in butts. I love cum in butts. And oozing out of butts.

Ooh, or maybe Pauling wants a baby, so they have a breeding party (for lack of a better term) for her. She ends up getting pregnant, but no one knows whose it is, but it also not super important whose it is, you know? Like, the mercs who DO care are like, "Man, I would love to be a father, but these guys are like my brothers, so being an uncle is great too." Or something sappy like that.
And whether or not Pauling decides to share her baby with the mercs is up to the writer. She could just be like "Thanks for the baby, sperm banks. See you never."

Or whatever! Just rambling and throwing out ideas, feel free to pick and choose.