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I sort of want to see some OC... wait, wait, hear me out please.

I want behind the scenes OCs, meaning that it would be characters that have no connection or anything but passing interaction with the Team with the exception that they are in the general same area, and that they are also happen to be deadly assassins as well...they just didn't happen to make the cut to be ON the team. (Which they are maybe sort of only A LOT bitter about)
Like a night crew that nobody bothers with. I want to see homicidal maids, repairmen, cooks, pest control, ect. do something like thwart the other team's plan of sneaking in at night (probably a idea concocted by the opposite team Spy) triumphantly pushing them back night after night using only improvised vocational equipment as wepons and...

for the entire Man Co company to just not give a flying fuck because they could have just respawned the team back anyway.