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"ENTIRE TEAM IS (class)!"

Respawn royally fucks up and makes the entire team soldiers, scouts, heavys, whatever.

I would either like to see... All of them are exact clones. Example being Soldier won't work with any of himselfs and vice versa because they are obviously the BEST soldier and the boss and end up having a fucking contest to see who has the longest stamina to call the shots. Which all of them had the same plan anyway.

or... all the members are the same it's just they were all allotted another member's skill sets. Such as the entire team suddenly loosing their proficiency at pyroing, sniping, spying, and instead say all they have is Scout's running/Medic's healing/Demo's bombing and what-not. Realizing how difficult the job of the class is and having to work with it while the team member who has been doing this all their life begrudgingly has to work with these amateurs until the spawn is fixed. Trading sexual favors for training OR in the end after everything is fixed another team member coming up to them and thanking them now fully understanding how difficult the job is in a very special way, if you know what I mean.