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Oh yeah, I kind of forgot to link to this last night after posting. My new thread has some requests in it. Cat Bountry, it sort of relates to yours. Also, the anon who asked for Engineer being raped during humiliation.


It sounds delightfully bizarre (haven't looked at video, sorry) but I'm never comfortable writing for Pyro, generally, so I defer in favor of hoping that someone else will write it.

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I would be all over that shit, arm pits or not (but I like arm pits.) Smell is not necessarily easy to write about IMHO. I salute anyone who goes for it, especially with either suggested pairing. I... I might try it out as an experiment, just to see if I can write such a thing, but not right now.

HAHAHAHA! I like how they're just all around him, admiring him. Holy crap, is he sitting on a teleporter?! I don't know what to think. I approve, though. I approve so hard. Especially if it's a sexual fantasy that Spy has.

May I also suggest a Heavy having a sexual fantasy about a bunch of Medics? Or an Engineer with a bunch of Soldiers? It could turn humorous too. (I feel horrible, for just choosing the most obvious ideas but I just keep seeing how HILARIOUS it would get if the Medics or Soldiers got out of control and started bickering over the one Heavy or Engineer.) Or, hell! Spice it up with Heavy imagining a bunch of Soldiers and Engineer imagining a bunch of Medics!

Bwahahaha. Let's take this places with every class fantasizing about a bunch of one class in their harem, imagining how great it is, and then realizing how it could go so horribly wrong. Not all of them have to be sex, either. But most of them do.

Heavy/Soldiers, Engineer/Medics, Spy/Scouts, Scout/Heavies, Pyro/Spies, Medic/Pyros, Sniper/Demos, Demo/Engineers, Soldier/Snipers

I like this. Let's do it, people! At least one of them?

Also, I'm going to try and shut the fuck up for a few days in this thread. I swear. I'm sorry I keep making so many fucking posts. I get enthusiastic about this. ):