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Yep, thirding (is that even a word?!) this. I was the person who request scout-amputee-stuff in the last request thread so I'm just gonna be a lazy shit and copypaste my own message:

"Something deep about Scout. So he wouldn't always just be the cocky, obnoxious brat without any character depth. The way I see it is that he acts that way just to hide his imperfections and fears.

Also, scout is 20, so he is an young adult, not an teenager.

I've been thinking a plot where Scout would lose his leg, possibly due a respawn malfunction. The story would examine his coping with grief for losing the "only" thing he is good at, running. Romances and sex are a nice bonus. The fic can be very dark, I'm such a sucker for angst and tradegy. I also have a huge kink for amputees. This could also include robot limbs, now that I think about Engineers robot hand.

I would also love to see something male Pyro and Scout related. I've always imagined Pyro to be the second youngest on the team, 25 or so. Due to this Pyro and Scout would come along well, they share same intrests and stuff. I like the idea that Pyro wears the suit and mask because he is badly burn. Thats arousing in a dark way.

YES I would definetly want to see some amputee porn, especially Scout/male Pyro. As I mentioned earlier I have a huge fetish for amputees. I'm not into amputee raping thought, it would destroy the tenderness, even I like some rape stories.

Also the idea of Pyro helping Scout to get trough the loss of his legs is very adorable. If the Pyro is badly burn, he kinda knows what it feels like to lose something and to be "marked" for the rest of your life.

And I still had something to say but I forgot what it was as I got so carried away with this amputee thing...Dangit.

Oh now I remember! The "scout loses his ability to run" -story would also work with paralysis as the reason, but IMO it is more interesting with amputation. Somehow that way it would be so much more...final and shoking."