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I still approve all of this but I'm trying not to comment on things that have been mentioned before, especially if they've already got backing in this thread. Also, it seems that Banimal might be working on it. Check out the Muscle Management thread for a link. I haven't read it yet, because I was trying to stay focused, but I never seem to learn that I need to avoid afanfic if I wanna be truly productive.


You tempt me, Mus. I also like these things (ENGIE IS MADE FOR SNUGGLES) but I don't know that I write Medic that well. I'm definitely going to give it a whirl sometime in the future but since I haven't been grabbed by any specific ideas regarding it (no thoughts for how it begins or how it should develop) I am letting it sit on the back burner. That doesn't mean I need ideas but it hasn't grabbed me so, if you want to be evil as hell, suggesting more specific things that you'd like to see might stab me in the creative bits quicker. Still, I can't promise anything regarding speed on my end.


I don't know who Slenderman is. Is that a superhero? BTW, guys? I've wanted a Hellboy/TF2 crossover forever. I just never said anything before because I didn't realize until Halloweens how that could have been very fitting for this month. TOO LATE NOW MAYBE THANKSGIVING

Also, I have a weird thing about Delirium from the Sandman running into a Soldier, who is of course one of her peoples (YOU KNOW IT IS TRUE, THAT MAN IS DELIRIOUS.) Of course, there's that scene where she tries to get into Hell, right? Yeah. Soldier would totally piss off anyone, including Delirium (though I don't imagine he'd do it by punching what appears to be a little girl), so uh... if that's what she would (supposedly) do to the demon lady, what would she threaten Soldier with? It could be sexual dude (though not with her, that might break rules even though she's actually older than time.) Let's get creative! THOSE RASPBERRY-FILLED CHOCOLATE PEOPLE WERE FRANTICALLY COPULATING.


I am seething with rage (I don't need more stories) and happiness right now. I call DIBS on this one! I mean, don't let me stop anyone else from writing it but holy fuck, Kilo. That is UP MY ALLEY SO HARD YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. I'm going to try and keep it short, I have so many stories eating my life away. Also, I'm going to add in >>45 because I think that is fucking perfect. And YES I will have threesome with friendly Engineer, you bet his sweet ass I will!

Thanks to this idea, I have also made a change to my BUDDY COP request. It needs to be Soldier, having accidentally gotten his old partner killed, paired with Sniper as his partner. The other Soldier should be the Defense Attorney. Demo needs to be the one in the Witness protection program. Also, the other Demo could be Soldier's previous partner or else he's Chief of Police!

Administrator should be Mayor. Saxton Hale can be the Mob Boss that is connected to her and who they are trying to take down. Spy should play the Prosecution Attorney. Heavy is still the Judge. One Medic is a witness or a professional consultant witness and the other is forensics for the police. Choose whatever pairings you want but Cop Soldier and/or Attorney Soldier should totally have had something in the past with one of the Demos. It'd be funny if it was Cop Soldier/Mob Witness Demo and Chief of Police(or partner) Demo/Defense Attorney Soldier.

... Engineer is the only one I can't figure out. I keep thinking about it and all I'm getting is two Engineers sitting on a couch, totally no where near anything related, playing video games like Street Fighter or something. Or in an arcade maybe. They seem to be refusing to cooperate. Maybe they're the friendly eccentric geniuses that the Buddy Cop duo go to when they can't puzzle out the clues. Like Sherlock Holmes' older brother. Imagine two Engie's giving them the "I was having fun and now you're bothering me with THIS?" look, before tossing something out, totally solving the shit out of it, and then going back to their game as the Cops look at one another before running like hell to get to their car and REACH THE TRIAL IN TIME! Or something.

Somebody please, I'm serious. Go wild with this one. It will be more beautiful and hilarious than it has any right to be. I don't know if I can write justice drama parody or I'd try it myself.